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The Riddle Room (Level 7)

[Submitted by James]
Layout of the room:
2 3
1 4

Here are the items to put on the altars:

  1. "Everything you see is a symmetrical world" → Mirror of Dawn.
    Everything you see is a symmetrical world
  2. "Close up, the item appears huge, far away top and bottom appear to reverse" → Magnifier.
    Close up, the item appears huge, far away top and bottom appear to reverse
  3. "One alone can do nothing, but two will demonstrate much power" → Bow and Arrow.
    One alone can do nothing, but two will demonstrate much power
  4. "Blue and sparkling more beautifully than X, its form Xs to every woman" → Blue Gem.
    Blue and sparkling more beautifully than X, its form Xs to every woman


[Supplied by fuzzydodge]

Level 1

Choose your Champions.

Level 2

Level in order to learn basic operation. If it keeps doing in as in message and the mural, there is no problem.
As for the key and the golden key of the emerald of opening when you make a mistake in the order which is used being to become unable to gather all items you note. If it keeps using gently in the nearby key hole, it is good.
You open " the door which is closed " by the fact that the weapon is shaken before the door. Only the trap of the room which has the stick of soul there is a danger of dying. A little adjusting to the stick of soul when it has the stick which first has fallen " you exchange ".
* Before getting off in Level 3, replenishment of the water must do sufficiently. The ahead this, altogether there is no public drinking fountain to the inner part of turning point of Level 5.

Level 3

As for the golden key which enters into the hand at this floor 5.
With inside 4 it advances to the following Level.
When it falls to the pitfall, there are times when the item has fallen.
* In switch of maze of matrix being attached The pillar which corresponds to the degree which pushes the switch rises and falls. If the switch of 2 and 5 is pushed, it advances first.

* Arrangement of switch
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

* Correspondence of the switch and the pillar (the top is septentrional)
9 6 6 2
5 4 7 8
_ 8 3 3
6 2 1 5
1 9 7 4

Level 4

Immediately after the starting there is a message of threat, but there is no great trap.
As for the trap of the large sickle when it receives, the damage is large, but if " the side " empty it does not hit, the damage is not received.
" The spring grants the request ", it can obtain the item of 3 types with by inserting the coin of the gold, the silver and the copper in the spring in the center of the spring.
As for the shortcut, the one which is not is better for the experience value income and item collection. If, operates, it becomes convenient to the case of replenishment of the water.
There is a room where the room of the large sickle first, the ?????? occurs naturally. When the close plate (it is not visible) you step on, the door of the room to close, because the ?????? occurs, it should have added the food here.
* It enters into the hand at this floor, because " the mirror " hand glass " " of bow " dawn " it becomes necessary to those where Level 7 is cleared, do not keep forgetting.

Level 5

The road divides into two here. Going in whichever, there is no influence in clearing, but the item which enters into the hand is different. On each only route the item which does not enter is into the hand as follows.
Road of knowledge: Metal boots, cruciform rack
Road of physical strength: Stick of cobra, ??? and large seal, protection sign of light (The protection sign of the light it enters into the hand even with Level 8, but when you take there, the crown of the ?? becomes unable to take.) When you see from the point of the item, the road of the physical strength is profitable.
* Road explanation of knowledge
In four switches being attached
The mark of red * blue the variety is drawn in the close wall, but most line under decisively the answering of method of pushing the switch.
It should have pushed the color " of the edge " that color has come out.
When color is adjusted, one at a time you can obtain the hint for clearing the following room respectively in dead end of 2 places.
At the following room the ?????? is locked on the pressure plate. As for method of solving 2 sorts (as for recommendation 2nd.)

1. You stop time in the box of magic.
2. It is understood from four switches before, it fossilizes with spell " of the ?????? ".

As for correspondence of loom zone as follows (1 -> 1 ').
By the fact that the lever which to the cubbyhole ahead the loom is is lowered, it can take the item of the room ahead.
To pull the lever, 1 -> 8 -> order of 3, from there to ahead 8 -> the door should have been opened with 4 -> 7.

4 6 ' 5
8 ' 3 7 ' Door
Door 1 9 ' 2


2 ' 9 1 '
7 8 3 ' lever
4 ' 6 5 '

* Road explanation of physical strength
Because the rust monster does the attack which melts the weapon, way attack is not received.
When the stick of the cobra is taken, the fire * ball flies about in the room.
Being most secure about 5 times repeating " the fire * seal " of low level, receives the fire * ball and should have turned off.
At the room which has the pitfall, bursting the door from the room of the fire * ball, you turn on the switch.
With high-speed portable zone of the getting off kiss closely loom zone, in as in message it runs with the feeling which " chases the loom zone ".
However, 2 places of the inside inner part of the taking shelter space which is 5 places have become the pitfall which is not visible. When you pass to do in the 3rd taking shelter space, it rushes at a stroke to the center.

Level 6

Two routes flow together at this floor.
* The road of knowledge (the continuation) there is no trap. Pushing the switch, you should have gathered all items.
* Road of physical strength (continuation)
Taking the large seal the trap moves at the cubbyhole which returns.
Reading message, if it solves the puzzle of the face, it can cancel.
* The rear of the confluence
The ant man and the ???? 2 body are in the wide room. As for the ???? one side generating the wall of vision, already one side has the key of the ? ? ?.
(With the map you do not draw " the wall of vision ".) Among the items which it can pick up, it be sure picks up the " baud pal * blade " just.
The green dragon turning round can be slow, take rear simply.

Level 7

 2     3    Layout of the room.
 1     4

Here are the items to put on the altars:
1 Everything you see is a symmetrical world - Mirror of Dawn
2 Close up,the item appears huge,far away top and bottom appear to reverse - Magnifier
3 One alone can do nothing,but two will demonstrate much power - Bow and Arrow
4 Blue and sparkling more beautifully than X,its form Xs to every woman - Blue Gem

" Mirror of answering " hand glass " during puzzle applying " bow " dawn " " blue treasure ball " 4. When four puzzle applying everything are solved, the door opening, the golden key appears in the central pedestal. After it solved, it is possible to go away with the item.
The bridge of the forks facing, being to be a " baud pal blade " in the right side, you be sure take. Unless 2 " baud pal blades " it arranges, mean to fight very in the enemy of ghost type.
After exceeding the bridge of the forks, there is the putting shooting with the ???? on the long passage. Because at this stage the ???? it is the considerable powerful opponent, doing, it prepares e.g., spell is saved.
As a coping method, with spell repeated hitting one side is pushed down in the swift attack.
" Strength of the ? is shown,! " With it is simplest to use the Kuu secret medicine, but if it is possible, ninja level is increased here. Without the secret medicine if it reaches the point where it reaches, as for ninja level as for the necessity already to lift it is not.
Being able to pull out the hall where stone go rem is on north, when it goes to the right, it comes to the place where the flame bullet is struck out from the front. " The fire seal of low level it begins to pile up, " with breaks.
* As for the fire seal, strength is strengthened by " the pile per seat ".
When power symbol is made strong, " duration " becomes long.
It hides in the side where the key of the wing has fallen and there is a room, " the sword of weapon darkness " of the strongest level has fallen. Because it is difficult to understand, to have fallen with consequence of indication of the picture, search prudently.

Level 8

Here first half game end. Being able to retreat the ????, it advances, immediately before the stairway which it gets off the retreat is filled, going backward becomes impossible in the large rock. The person who leaves the fact that you do turns back here.
Unless this you must take first, the item perhaps the " Ra key " (only Level 3).
Unless there is this, it has fallen to Level 11, " the armor of the platinum " becomes unable to take.
Being the key of the turquoise, you open, three doors of beginning, but the key of the turquoise only one enters into the hand. The item of the middle room most is useful.
Facing, the right: Demon they to exclude Center: Crown of ??, in hiding room stick and speed boots of dragon Facing, the left: Protection sign of light, box of magic (green) To exchange with the item of the same weight it can designate the item which is as between gravity. Because the trap operates when balance of the weight of the inside two of three shelves deteriorates, like below the item should have been taken.
???? - > arrow
The lightning ring - > the roll (at immediately before in the hand with those which enter the book of petrochemical) Speed bow - > simply to take By mistake, the " baud pal blade " and the " speed bow " you do not have to exchange.
" Reset the monster into the prison! " With, the ?????? in it is necessary to put " a state where it escapes ". With 2 sorts, " it drives method to dying state " " the angular whistle of fear is used ".
When the room of the ?????? is passed through, it confronts with the ???? it differs. When it is quick, compares with the present enemy to advocate spell, considerably the powerful opponent. " Using parallel displacement, you avoid spell, get near at a stroke and finish " it repeats.

Level 9

As for start of the latter half game dwelling of lead dragon.
As for the lead dragon as for the necessity to push down it is not. Being that good item * equipment enters into the hand, the one which is pushed down is profit.
Case the lead dragon is not defeated, try not to try in the dragon of the child.
When the nearby switch of the public drinking fountain is pushed, the wall of east side of the hall moves.

Level 10

The troublesome enemy, ghost * gig Ra comes out.
In any case in measure of the ghost the " baud pal blade ". Because of the harm * as for spell non material in addition to the fact that effectiveness is bad, as for the ghost of this floor number is many, when it depends on spell too excessively, it stops being able to move with the stamina being cut off.
Vis-a-vis gig Ra, it makes the circumstance which always it can fight with pair one. When at one time the item is stolen in plural gig Ra, resetting, perhaps the one which you redo is quicker.
There is no public drinking fountain to after this floor and foreward the hall of the dragon zombie of the 13th floor. The stairway nearby public drinking fountain becomes an important important point.

Level 11

As for the first setting up the loom zone zone which is not visible. There is a place where position of the loom has slipped different from the original.
While looking at the map, you search the lever and the key of the iron which make the wall move.
It hides in the hall of north west and the room are 3 places. As for the hiding room of south side it is necessary to lock the enemy on the plate, uses the box of magic, or uses the magic of the ??????.
When there is a diamond edge in the inner part " of the room of the poison, " takes this the binary gas is injected. Here just escapes taking, quickly the OK.
When it advances to west from stone go rem, there is a place where the loom zone scatters, platinum equipment set has fallen.
When the elevator it turns right, there is a door where the key caught, but here the Ra key becomes necessary. The armor of the dagger and the platinum has fallen in.
Exceeding the competition place of go rem, the door of the room which has the goddess image is not opened, unless it gets off up to one end level 13.
It keeps getting off with the descent stairway west side.

Level 12

As for getting off for the first time, from the stairway of north east. When the pressure plate which is not visible is stepped on the large rock rolls from rear, should have exchanged in the same manner as level 8. The Ra sword has fallen to dead end the side where this time the rock rolls.
Second as for getting off in time from the stairway of the south approaching.
The plate of the passage exit has become the opening and closing switch of the pitfall.
At the room of the wall where it is not visible the position where the floor becomes blue has displayed the corner. At the morphism place gold coin one it is written concerning 1 game, but to tell the truth it operates with " the copper coin ". When (all setting up are solved, at this point in time as for the gold coin * silver the expectation which is not even one.) When it applies to the mark, don't you think? black the armor in the hand enters * As for the possibility of having the gold coin at this point in time " it does not enter into the vault with Level 3 ", " with Level 4 the gold coin is not inserted in the spring ", " with Level 5 the road of knowledge is chosen ", the gold coin is not given to the golden king millimeter ground " with Level 7. " In each case 4. The silver exists, 2 the among those only 1 has to here and is this. The silver is taken " at the vault of Level 3, the silver is not inserted in the spring of Level 4 " The pillar one stands in the open space south, but the top of this pillar having become the pressure plate, unless the item is placed here, it does not advance to ahead. Turning on, if the variety you throw the thing from south side and can place well, it reaches the point where it can advance to the north of the hall. The pressure plate which as for the point of caution with " of maze of the ?? " is 2 places and is not visible. When it rides here, the wall near the center closes simultaneously. Way you are not bewildered.

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