Chaos Strikes Back Walkthrough


The following walkthrough was written by K. M. (Version 1.0)
I converted the original text only document to HTML for this page.



You mission in CSB is to recover the four hidden corbums and destroy them by throwing them into the FULYA pit.


Unlike Dungeon Master, CSB is not quite the same each time you play. There are many possible places your party can end up. The items in the game can vary, and the FULYA pit level changes each time you enter. CSB is not about building up strong characters, as in DM. There is no time or place for that. Your supplies, particularly food and water, are limited, and therefore, so is your time. DM consisted of your party progressing ever steadily downward. Not so in CSB. It is quite easy to become disoriented. CSB is full of pits, both hidden and unhidden, transporters, and staircases.

This game is actually somewhat of a challenge to write a walkthrough for. There are many possible places for a party to end up. I have attempted to organize this in the concisest way possible, by labeling with letters and numbers, the various possible locations throughout the game. Please note that this was written based on the version I have, the Amiga one. Hopefully, this guide should help you through successfully. At the end of this walkthrough, I have provided a spell and monster list. At this time I have not created an item list. The items in CSB vary with each game. The important ones that remain constant are mentioned throughout the walkthrough.


You are in darkness, and without any supplies of any kind. Armored worms are attacking you. Prepare high level fireballs, and kill them. Be sure to step off the plate you're standing on, this generates more worms. Once you gain your bearings, you will be in a large room. There will be coins lying on the floor, a torch, and a chest. Outfit your people as best as possible. Note that, as you are facing the door, to your left there is a hidden wall space, with a good set of chain mail. What you choose to purchase is up to you, though I recommend highly the rope, map, weapon, and flasks. The freeze life boxes can be retrieved later on, and they will be extremely useful in the endgame. Try to save all freeze life devices you find along the way.

If you use fireballs or an iron key to enter the iron grate, you see a pressure plate, standing on it closes the pit and gives you access to the "supplies for the quick" area(see below). However, please note if you proceed in this way, without going first down the run and jump hall (see below) you won't be able to get the nearby flask, so I don't recommend going through this door just yet.

Instead, notice the sconce set in the wall. Placing a torch in the sconce will open up a secret passageway, the "run and jump" hallway. If you run quickly down the "run and jump" hall, you can proceed straight over the pit. Falling in this pit is a shortcut to the junction of the ways(see below), just to let you know. To your right a set of stairs up leads to an impassable door, you can only access it from the other side, see the KU DDD section below. To your left, you find access to the "supplies for the quick area". See more on this below. Lastly, standing on the pressure plate closes the pit in front of you, allowing you to quickly go over the pit and run around the corner, and you'll find a detect monster scroll. Continuing down this hall, if you stand on the pressure plate long enough, both pits ahead of you will close, and you must run quickly over them(or else you'll be trapped between them), grabbing the flask as you go, and you will find yourself in the front end of the "supplies for the quick area", which is just what it's name implies. Positioning the hand in about the right area, run back and forth across the room and grab all that you can. There are more items behind a false wall. To get to them, you will see a key hole set in the wall. Make your way over to it. Turn so that your party is facing the wall, with the key hole to your right and the center of the room to your left. Step quickly left and forward through the wall. Grab the vorpal blade, you will find this incredibly useful later on. If you do fall down a pit(or descend the stairs, located outside the other end of "supplies for the quick"), you'll find some supplies, a fountain, and mists that will take you to the junction of the ways(see below). Avoid falling in the pits, these lead to the "surrender your possessions" area. The keyholes are for iron keys, they turn off the mists(useful if you landed from above onto the side of the room that doesn't have the chest/fountain, or if you wish to get more items in the room above). In the northeast corner there is a set of stairs up that lead to a dead end.


Now that you have gotten supplies for you party, it is time to step into the mist and you are at the Junction of the Ways. Here you will see four possible paths to choose from: Fighter(KU) Ninja(ROS), Wizard(DAIN), and Priest(NETA). You may choose whatever path you like, but I recommend KU to begin with. It will provide you with plenty of food and water. I also recommend that you save DAIN for last. The reason why will be become apparent later on. Let me also mention that on each pathway you will find a Key of B at one of the altars. These are used on the FULYA level, but they are not necessary to have(they open a shortcut into the room you need to enter to destroy the corbums, but it's much easier just to enter the room directly, I'll explain later on). You may also find lots of iron keys, these are used in various places, it's good to keep a couple on hand.


Stepping into the KU path, you will see the cursed Biter sword on the altar. As with all 4 paths in this game, there are 3 possible places your party could be. You will either see:

A. A short dead end hall with a shield lying on the floor. See A below
B. A turn to the right, left, and a down staircase. See B below
C. A turn to the right, and a down staircase. See C below


1. Muncher Room
2. Vexirk Room
3. Stairs #1 to dragon
4. Death Knight Room
5. Stairs # 2 to dragon
6. Mummy Rooms
7. Stairs to VIII, IX, and altar (B)
8. Spider Room
9. Ant Room
10. Dragon Room
11. Stairs to altar (C)

(A) You will notice a false wall opposite the shield lying on the floor. Stepping through places you in a large room with pits and Munchers(1). Using low level fireballs will kill them, but bear in mind, these fireballs proceed in the reverse direction due to the magical nature of the room. As you keep to the edges and make your way around the room(beware the pits!), from right to left, you will find yourself at a room with several iron grates(4). Do not proceed here yet. Continuing your way around, you will see a closed iron grate door, guarded by vexirks, with two chaos faces on the wall and cross shaped buttons(2). Don't bother with this yet, keep making your way around. You will find a long hall and a set of stairs down(3).

If you had entered KU from (B) or (C), you would have more options available to you. Unfortunately, the wall section that leads to the rest of KU will not open until you ascend or descend a staircase(11) that you currently don't have access to. You can now either proceed through the Death Knight room(4) or go back to the staircase(3) you found earlier.

If you choose to destroy the knights(see section below) a passage will open in one of the death knight's chambers once you take the executioner, providing you with a way to access the mummy rooms(6). This passage will take you past some hidden pits to a wooden door. Chopping your way through, you now have access to: altar (C) - a short walk to you left leads to stairs(11) up to (C), AND (B) - a longer walk straight and to the right, you find stairs(7), leading to 8, 9, and altar (B). If you chop through the door directly to your right, another set of stairs down(5) is revealed. It is important to note that when you use the stairs(11) the passage connecting the mummy and knight room is revealed, so be sure to do this now.

If you choose to go down the stairs(3), you will be in the large dragon room(10). You may kill him now(see section below). To get to the rest of KU, make your way to the other stairs(5). They are located in the northwest corner of this room. Once you go up the stairs, you will be in one of the mummy rooms(6). From here, you now have access to the same areas listed in the paragraph above. Remember, you must use the stairs(11) to open the passage connecting the mummy and knight rooms.

The mummies guard an important set of stairs(7). The mummies will constantly regenerate, so keep stepping forward after you kill them. Up the stairs is a room with spiders(8). Again, magic will be of no use to you here, unless you can make your way into the room. I wouldn't recommend it though. Keep attacking, and rest downstairs in between. The skeleton keyhole opens a passage leading to (C)(not necessary to open). Throughout the game you may find these, they help connect the various levels of each path. Go upstairs, and you will see ant men(9). Again, magic will not help you. If you step forward, it will teleport you into a trap, with walls on all sides, and you will be forced to fight the ant men all at once. Once you've cleared out the ant men, go back to the stairs leading down and you will find to your left a false wall, with more ants and some treasure.

Up the stairs, you will find another altar(B). This is another possible place you may have ended up upon leaving the junction of the ways. So everything I just discussed will naturally be in reverse. You can proceed downward past the ants and spiders into the mummy rooms. You must use the stairs(11) in order have direct access to the death knight chambers.

(C) The third and final possible place your party ended up after the junction. From (C), go down the stairs and you can proceed into the mummy rooms, and work your way up the stairs(7), clear out (8) and (9), and fortunately you will already have direct access to the death knight room.

Now, regardless of how you got there, you should by now have explored the mummy rooms(6), and completed the ant(9) and spider(8) rooms, via the stairs(7), and used the stairs(11) which allowed you to open the secret passage that connects the mummy rooms to the death knight room(4).

The Death Knight Room-- Stepping into the room, you see four knights temporarily frozen into small hallways. If you go straight through and pick up the executioner, all four will be released at once. Please don't do this! Step directly in front of one(and only one) knight. Lead him to the multiple iron grates around, and have fun shutting them on his head while you blast him. Lead him back to the mummy rooms and the staircase(7) leading upward to altar (B). The mummies will still be hanging around, so kill them quickly. Lead the knight to the stairs, then take turns blasting him with fireballs and resting upstairs. Repeat the process with the other three knights, and note that throwing the armor of their dead companions injures them very well. After getting the executioner, the door will close, but don't worry, there is a switch in one of the knight's halls. Once you take the executioner, the aforementioned alternate passage to the mummy rooms opens.

The Dragon Room--Down the stairs(either (3) or (5)) in this room are many worms, and, of course, a dragon. Your best bet is to clear out the worms, and lead the dragon to you and the stairs. That way you can go upstairs, rest, and then run down and blast him. Once he dies, you have food for your party, and more weapons and armor. Most importantly, a solid key you very much need. If you explore the room further, you will find to the southwest an imaginary wall and a button nearby. This leads to a locked door with some treasure in it, and a set of stairs leading up, which is the back way into the Death Knight room. There is another imaginary wall in the northeast part of the room that leads back to the Junction of the Ways. The other staircase I mentioned before is located far in the northwest corner.

Back to the muncher room(1), and you go to the small room with the iron grate and two chaos faces(2). Kill the vexirks(watch out for gigglers and munchers!) Note that in the center of this area magic(yours and theirs) will be reflected. Also, be forewarned that the vexirks can transport themselves around, so you could face them in front of and behind you. It's best to fight them, retreat back up the stairs, and then go back to finish them off. Push the two cross buttons(but NOT the one directly next to the chaos face!) The iron grate will open. Another death knight waits inside. Kill him, and bash down the door. Many, many vexirks wait inside. Freeze life boxes come in handy here. After clearing out the room and collecting the goodies, you will find a fountain. Step through the wall near the fountain to your right, and you will find a chest. Around the corner is the backdoor to the knight's room, and down the stairs leads you back to the treasure room that's just off the dragon room. Now you're ready for the DDD.


This is the place you go after you've gotten a special key from each of the pathways. From Ku, you should have gotten the solid key from the dragon(see above discussion), and now you need to go, via the stairs(7) to the altar(B) that was located off the stairs with the ants. There is an invisible wall here, to the right of the altar. Step through and up the stairs, go past the scorpion, grab the morningstar, and go up the stairs again. You'll see the "fighters charge" scroll. Keep going, you see a door, and the sign for the DDD.

Every time you ascend these stairs, more demons and rock piles will be generated, so have your fireballs handy. To close the pit in front of the altar, there is a switch on the wall immediately to your left, you must kill the lava pit first using non material spells and you will see it high on the wall. If you keep going left, past the lava pits, you will find a sapphire key for the room downstairs. In this room, there will be a fountain, and an altar that trades gor coins for treasure.

Back to the DDD, there is a pit located to your right, near the chaos face, but this is something to be taken care of later on. You will see in the lava pit area two other staircases. One leads to an impassable door, behind it is the room below the DDD, with a dragon, you'll be visiting him soon enough. The stairs up lead to hell hounds and stone golems, a few hidden pits, and a little treasure, you need golden keys to get at it. Nothing too important with those, so ignore them. You'll notice another pit that's two steps north away from the altar, and a pressure plate on the floor beside it. You must first dispose of several of the lava pits and clear out the other monsters to get access to the small corridor to your left, and you will finally be able to close this pit by stepping on the floor plate next to it. If you're wondering about the other pit located northwest, don't, we'll get to that later. You will notice, once you walk straight through the false wall and past the mist, the "trust me enter the pit" sign. You may do so, and you'll notice a set of stairs up and a floor switch, and a chaos face in the wall. If you step on and off the floor switch, the wall near the chaos face opens briefly, and you find a set of small twisting rooms with a dragon. You'll see another floor switch, it opens the door right in front of it, and you see stairs, and using them, you now have access to the supplies for the quick area, but the door closes behind you, and you won't be able to go back the way you came. (This is the same door I mentioned back at start). Instead, proceed up the stairs. There will be poison shot at you, and a stone golem defends the door to the end of Ku.

Of course, if you want a shortcut, stand facing the "fighter's charge" sign that's next to the altar, and keep stepping right and you'll zip right over the pit, past the golem, straight to the doorway. Enter, and you see a "dead end" sign. Ha ha. Go down the hall and wait. Four death knights come at you. At the last possible second, the wall behind you will open, and you can run through. You wind around and around, and will eventually be silently transported to a different hall. On the wall towards the end of the hall, on your right, will be a button to open a nearby passage leading to a staircase down. This will take you to the dragon den.

DRAGON DEN-- As its name implies, there are many dragons here. Blasting the grates with fireballs, they can be lead to the stairs and you can repeat your earlier technique. There are about half a dozen of them. There are false walls in each of the three rooms, and the rooms are all interconnected. You will find square keys and a couple of chests. You will see the "do you have the power" sign. Holding up the power towers(located in one of the chests) will open another passageway. You will see stairs leading up and down at either end of the corridor.

Down the stairs, you find yourself in a room surrounded by pits and a shelf holding treasure. This floor is located directly beneath the altars containing the corbums.

Up the stairs, there is a stone golem and some hell hounds. If you don't feel like fighting them, it's easy enough to slip by. Close the door behind you. Now you will see a doorway protected by a gold forcefield. This will disappear once you hold a corbum, and you can make your way to the FULYA pit level. However, there is a much better way to go about this. Getting the four corbums first and then entering the FULYA level is a much easier, more successful method, which I will describe later.


You've made it! Resting in the niche on the center column lies the item you seek. To get it, first make sure your party is not overloaded. Now might be a good time to whip up some strength flasks(see spell list at end of walkthrough). Stand on the floor plate to the left of the pit, then quickly dart over the temporarily closed pit to the column. A word of advice: have your hand positioned in about the right area to grab the corbum quickly.

Now that you have the Ku corbum, it's time to go get another one. I recommend that you now follow the path of the ninja(ROS). The quickest, easiest, and best way to get there, is to go back down to the level beneath the corbum altar, and climb down the pit located to your left. You'll be back in the start area, and from here, you can get more supplies, rest up, and go to the junction of the ways to proceed onward.


Stepping through the Junction of the Ways into the ROS path, you will see three poison darts lying on an altar. Your three possible locations are

A. A chaos face in the wall, and the message "give up pull the lever."
B. Throwing stars lie on the ground, there is a door with a key hole next to
it, and a hallway running west with a pit and an iron grate.
C. The hallway turns to the left into an area with stairs leading down in the
northeast corner.


1. "Pull the Lever" room
2. Stairs to #4
3. Stairs to (B)
4. Small mummy room
5. Hallway
6. Stairs to #7
7. Secret passage
8. Stairs to #9
9. Stairs to #10
10. Scorpion room
11. Green gem room
12. Stairs to #13
13. Dragon Lair

(A) Don't pull the lever. You'll find you keep getting hit with daggers. These daggers are about to become extremely useful. You'll notice in the room to your right(1) a series of pits and mists that turn off and on. What you need to do is throw a dagger at exactly the time that the mist is on, then by the time the dagger reaches the mist, it will be turned off, allowing the dagger to drop and fall on the pressure plate, closing the pit. If you fail, you'll be teleported back in front of the chaos face and get hit with more daggers. The items you throw at the wrong time are teleported nearby, you'll be able to retrieve them again soon. NOTE: If you enter ROS by (B) or (C), you will not have access to (A), which means you will not get to try the ninja throwing test or have access to the cloak of night. There will just be a wall blocking you from (A), but it's not important anyway.

Once these pits are all closed, a passage will open in the northeast corner. You'll see a cloak lying on the altar. If you take it, the door in front of you will open, and 6 knights and many rock piles will attack.

Before doing this, proceed around the corner and down the hall. You'll notice a lever on the wall. Go down the stairs(2). Another lever on the wall. Pull this lever. Go back upstairs, and open the door. Lead the knights toward the end of the hallway. Hit the lever as they step forward. They'll fall two levels down and be killed.

Continuing back to the long, twisting hallway where the knights came from, you'll discover several rock piles. At the end of this hall is the door you encountered from the other side(near the "give up pull the lever" sign). Note that "giving up and pulling the lever" will reset the pits and mists, so there really is no reason to do this.

Just as a sidenote, if you happen to fall into the same pit where you disposed of the knights, you'll find one of them carries an onyx key. There are a series of twisting passages and worms, and a clawbow lies on the floor. There is a hidden wall that leads to a set of stairs up(3) back to (B). There is also a hidden wall that leads to the junction of the ways.

Back down the stairs(2), you'll encounter a small room with two black doors(4). To the north, there are mummies behind the door located next to the pit. There is a hidden passageway behind a false wall(the pressure plate on the floor must be activated) surrounded by pits, and the Dex Helm is lying on the floor. An onyx key opens the door. If you don't have one now, you'll undoubtedly find one and can come back if you want to.

The opposite door in this room can be opened by an iron key on either side of the door.

Upon opening this door from the room described above, you will find yourself at (B). To proceed past the pit in the hallway to the west(5), an item must be thrown over it onto the pressure plate beyond the iron grate. This is accomplished by standing next to the pit, turning to face east, and throwing a small object in to blue mist which appears. It's kind of like throwing something over your shoulder. You must turn quickly and throw immediately. The object will be reflected back through the iron grate and land on the pressure plate, opening the iron grate. You will see a set of stairs(6) leading up to (7). See rest of discussion below.

If you are at (C) your only option is to descend the stairs. You will find yourself in a winding room, full of false walls. Beware the gigglers. Two of the floor tiles will spin you 90 degrees, and you'll find yourself facing a pit, most likely. If you head south, you'll see a sconce on the wall with a torch in it. This is the same (7) area mentioned before. Removing the torch opens a new passage filled with mummies. Up two flights of stairs(8 and 9), you'll see an area marked death row. You can't get in there from here, and you don't want to.

As you make your way through the twisting passage, you will find an iron grate(10), and further on, another chaos face, pressure plate, and a lever. If you pull the lever, it generates a mist. If you combine the effects of the pressure plate and the lever, you can aim fireballs at the scorpions. However, I do not recommend this method.

It's best to prepare some fireshield spells and poison flasks, and plenty of fireballs. Blasting the door, you'll face several scorpions. The door to your right(11) can't be opened--yet. Proceed to the left, and you'll find a chest on the floor. Going right, past doors and mists, you'll eventually come to a green gem set in the wall. Rest up, then grab the gem and get out of there as quickly as you can. Watch out for fireballs that are now activated, and more scorpions on your way. The door mentioned earlier will now open. This new room(11) contains a set of stairs up(12).

Up the stairs, you will find yourself surrounded by walls, some real, most illusionary(13). There are also pits scattered about, and plenty of dragons waiting behind false walls. There are two places you need to go: You need to find the Emerald key, and you need to find a way out to get to the DDD.

To get the emerald key, follow these directions: From the top of the stairs, go up one, left one, up one, left two, up one, left four, down three, right five, down two, right four, and up one.

To get out, follow these directions: From where you got the emerald key, with a solid wall in front of you and a false one behind you, go back one, left one, down one, left two, up two, left one, up one, left six. You'll find yourself in a room full of pits and dragons. Proceed quickly through the narrow path that goes between the pits. Step through the false wall, and a long corridor is ahead of you around the corner. You'll come to a gold keyhole in the wall, and if you have a gold key, it opens a passage 4 east with a gor coin in it. You'll find yourself at the DDD.


Up the stairs, you'll find a new batch of monsters waiting for you. Don't kill them just yet. Remember those two pits I mentioned earlier that are open and blocking your way? Well now you're going to close them.

The first part is a little tricky. You must get a monster to stand on the pressure plate that is directly in front of the "fighter's charge" message carved on the wall. When it does, you must backstep quickly two steps. You must place an object on the pressure plate you're now standing on. This closes the pit that blocks the stairs going up to you left(as you face the fighter's charge sign). There is a hidden pit directly in front of you. If you want to close it now, you must cast an open door spell facing this hidden pit. This releases the demon who stands on a pressure plate keeping the pit open. Kill the demon, and the hidden pit is closed. The rest of this section will be explored later on in DAIN.

Proceeding up the stairs to the left(as you're facing the fighter's charge sign), you'll meet up with some hell hounds. You'll see a chaos face, and if you step on the small switch on the floor near the face, it will open up a pit(if it isn't open already). In order to proceed, you must step on the large pressure plate located to your right. This will teleport you to the other side of the room. To the south, you will see a door and a switch near the bottom of the wall. This activates the lightning launcher in the corridor nearby to the north. Not really something you want to do. If you proceed through this door, there will be a series of long hallways with silent teleporters and false walls. If you have a skeleton key, you can open a passage and get a dragon steak. I hardly think it's worth the trip. Don't bother.

Instead, proceed north through the corridor. There will be more hell hounds. You'll see a small switch on the floor in front of the stairs at the end of the corridor, this only works when you've turned the lightning launcher on, it resets it, so it's just best if you never turn the thing on to begin with.

Down the stairs, you'll see the DDD. There is a small switch set in the wall, but it will not work just yet. First, go downstairs. You'll see rocks lying on the floor. The room with the gold key generates some random item. It's the door to the far end of the room you want open. To do this, you must war cry a skeleton over to be in front of the door, then push the button located to the left of the door, and the mist will teleport the skeleton to the other side. Then throw the rocks at him and kill him. Hold an object up to the eye. You won't be able to proceed further here yet, but you did just succeed in helping to close the pit upstairs that blocked your way.

Go back upstairs, push the button set low in the wall, and the pit is closed. Push the four buttons in, and the mist will disappear. You are now at the door to the end of ROS. You need the emerald key to enter(retrieved from the dragon lair, see above).

This now gets a little tricky. Stepping past the door, you'll be "zooming" along. There are a couple of demons who will shoot fireballs. Please, don't try to fire back(yet). Depending on which way you face, you'll end up in different areas once you step while zooming. Two words of advice: One, don't have overloaded people. Two, there are a couple of places you really don't want to end up. If you face the door you just stepped through at the beginning, there are two nasty corridors that will speed you by some unimportant items and you'll fall down a pit, putting you far from where you are now. Don't do this. There are some buttons on the walls, but you don't really need to hit them, the items aren't that important. You might face the opposite direction, and land up at a hidden stairway, which does you no good either. You could open the iron grate door as you zip by, but that's a waste of time too. Instead, you should turn so that you are facing the demon who is firing at you. Step as quickly as you can towards him, as many times as you can, and you'll practically end up on top of him. Kill him, and you'll see he guards an iron grate door. This is where you want to be.

Entering this new area, you'll see many pits and a set of stairs leading to more pits. Only one pit in each section will take you somewhere; the rest will send you down to tangle with the dragons again, or back to start. To proceed, go up the stairs. Step forward once. Turn and face east. You will see two pits. Past these pits is another floor space, and straight beyond that is the pit you want to enter.

If you head to the left, you will find a niche below the corbum level, filled with a few items. Go up the stairs. Step forward two spaces(you'll have a wall in front of you). Step to the right. The pit in front of you is where you want to go.

Go up the stairs again. Step forward once, then right two, and down three. Facing the three pits with the path you just went through behind you, descend into the pit to your left.


Again, you'll see a door blocked by a gold force field, which will open when you hold a corbum. Up these stairs will lead you to the FULYA level. If you're taking my advice, we won't be going there just yet.

To get the corbum, you must step through the false wall located to the left, and press the button. This will cause the pits in front of the corbum to switch between opened and closed, allowing you to swiftly step over them and grab the corbum. The wall you see is an illusion.

Descend into the pit that's directly in front of the corbum's niche, and you'll land on the level below. Face the left, and drop in the pit, and you're back at start, to rest and get supplies, and then proceed to the Junction for the next path.


Stepping from the Junction of the Ways in to the path of the Priest, you will see the horn of fear lying on the altar. Your three possible locations are:

A. A short twisting hall leading to a wooden door.
B. A maze of wooden doors and passages.
C. Around the corner, there is a fountain, and no apparent way out.


1. Screamer/Spider room
2. Maze
3. Vexirk's room
4. Stairs to #5
5. Worm room
6. Giggler/Muncher room
7. Stairs to #8
8. Mummy Puzzle room
9. Stairs to #10
10. Large room
11. Stairs to #12
12. Poison room
13. Stairs up to DDD

(A) Opening the door, you find screamers and spiders(1). They're both fairly easy to kill, especially since you have the door to close on them. See the rest of (A) below.

If you are at (B), you will find in this maze(2) of interconnected doors a vexirk who holds the square key you need. The square key hole is opposite the door you must open. In this room(3) is a fountain, and a teleporter, which send you to (A).

If you are at (C) you must pray. If you sleep while sitting in front of the fountain, then go back to the altar, it should teleport you to (B). From there you can proceed to (A).

(A) Once you clean out the room(1), you see two possible exits. In the northwest corner is a false wall, and a set of stairs down(4). This area(5) is large and very dark. There is a dead end hall to the south, and to the northeast, a passage leading to the j.o.w. If you go to the center of the room to get the chest, you will immediately have walls spring up around you. To get out, you must back up. Worms will be attacking you as you flee back up the stairs. The only remotely interesting item in the chest is the Calista, which adds to you intelligence.

At the opposite end of the screamer/spider room(1), you will find another door. Behind this door is a room with gigglers(6), so watch out. There are a lot of winding passages here, and hidden pits, be careful. You want to head left. You'll see a pit which keeps generating munchers. Get by them as quickly as you can, and around the corner you'll find a set of stairs leading up(7).

Exploring this new area(8)(watch out for the hidden pit!) you will find four open doors with a pressure plate behind each of them. The idea here is to war cry the mummies generated near the stairs into each of these doorways and close the door. When all four mummies are standing on the pressure plates, the wooden door will open. There is also a button on the wall that's in front of this door. This will open a passage to the right containing the cross of neta and a scroll spell.

Past the wooden door, there's a fountain here. Avoid the pits. Go up the stairs(9). Down a hall, you will enter a small room with a key and scroll flying back and forth. Stand in their path of flight and you can obtain them after they hit you and fall to the floor. The turquoise key is necessary to complete the remainder of NETA from the DDD. Follow the advice on the scroll. Stepping into this new dark room(10), go straight. Do not veer off this path no matter what. There are sometimes gigglers around, so be careful. This area is full of disorienting teleporters and slime devils just waiting to snatch you up, and no treasure at all, so just go straight through quickly and you'll be safe.

Up the next set of stairs(11), you'll find another set of stairs up to the right(no need to go there, it just leads to the outside of a trap from another level). To your left, there are pits and invisible mists which disorient you, and at the same time you're being hit by poison globs. Stepping in the same direction as the poison moves ensures the least amount of your party is injured and you sustain the least amount of damage. Try to make you way left, towards the poison launcher. You'll notice another set of stairs down, which leads to the outside of yet another trap, not any place you want to be. If you accidently fall in any of the pits in this poison room, you'd end up here, with slime devils for company. A false wall to the right has a button which opens the door so you can flee back up the stairs. Near this set of stairs, to the south, is a hallway and you'll find a set of stairs(13) that lead up to the DDD.


Ascending the stairs yet again, and you face more monsters. Just as you did in ROS, you must get a monster to stand on the plate in front of the "fighter's charge" inscription. Step backwards two spaces. If you didn't do it already, you might want to cast an open door(zo) spell facing the pit in front of you, and kill the demon to release the weight off the plate and seal the pit. You'll finish this new area in DAIN later on. Remember, you need to place an item on the pressure plate on the floor to close the pit to the left, if you haven't done so already.

Proceeding up the stairs to the left(if you face the fighter's charge sign), you repeat the same process that you did in ROS all over again(see above). The only slight differences you'll notice this time are that the area right in front of the door in the skeleton room has altered a bit. Once you trap the skeleton behind the grate, a pair of lightning bolts will roast him for you, and using the turquoise key(obtained in a small room, see above), you go through the door.

To the right you will see a hallway. Once you grab the Ra shield, fireballs are shot at you. If you sidestep quickly into the false wall, you can grab it and avoid being flamed. Down the hall, a gold key will open the door, an you'll find a gor coin and some random item. But it's not worth it, because at the same time, a hidden wall opens, and a giggler comes at you. If you chase him into the room he came from, you'll be trapped, and you must either teleport to somewhere else really far away, or drop through the pits, and end up some place you don't want to be (the infamous "surrender all your possessions") or the start. So let's just not go there. Back to the other room, and to the left, you see stairs leading up.

Up these stairs, you'll see a plate, leaving an item and closing it could help break your fall from above. Up the next set of stairs, and you arrive at the fireball launcher corridor.

HALL OF FIRE-- The first thing you want to do is make sure your party is not overloaded. Then you want to cast many fireshield spells. The gem-shaped hole on the wall nearby opens an altar of vi. The gem that fits in the hole is located nearby. You'll notice tiny switches on the floor. Every time you step on them, fireballs will be launched at the party. Run quickly down the hall and duck into the small side corridor(you'll see loaves of bread.) Proceed on down the hall, you'll see several mists, and the gem I mentioned before lies on the floor. Go straight through these mists. Stand on the floor switch at the very end of the hall(don't go left yet) and a hidden passage will open. Press the button you see on the wall, and RUN quickly around the corner to you left. You must do this quickly, or you'll fall through the hidden pit, and end up in a really annoying trap. Keep going down the hall, ducking into the side corridors to avoid getting hit with fire(a mummy will be waiting in one of these, so just watch out for him). There's a hallway to your left, but you don't want to go down there yet. You must walk right up to the fireball launcher, and step through the wall to you right. You will see a fountain and a switch which shuts off the fireball generator. Now you can go back down the hall and go right. There's a switch on the wall here, don't bother hitting it, it launches fireballs at the party. Keep going past the pit on the floor. You'll see a mist which turns you 90 degrees. Keep going, and step through the false wall(watch out for the pit directly in front of you!) You'll see another gold forcefield door. There's another gem-shaped hole which houses another altar of vi. A set of stairs down leads to some treasure.


A false wall to your right in the corbum room has a switch. This makes the pit two steps in front of the corbum switch between opened and closed. To your left, you must stand on the pressure plate, and the pit directly in front of the corbum will be temporarily closed. Run over and grab the corbum.

One more corbum to get before we go to the FULYA pit level. Go back down the stairs, and walk over to the niche. Descend in the pit to your left, and you'll arrive back at start.


Leaving the j.o.w. , you see a staff on the altar. Your three possible locations are:

A. A closed iron grate.
B. A dead end with a chaos face on the wall.
C. A wooden door and an opening to a dark room to your left.


1. Iron grate #1
2a. Iron grate #2
2b. Iron grate #4
3. Stairs from cistern, #17
4. Small room
5. Iron grate #3 leading to mist room
6. Stairs to mostly empty room
7. Stairs to laughing pit
8. Laughing pit
9. Ant Men puzzle
10. Rive/Water elementals room
11. Stairs to (C)
12. Rive/Slime Devil/Fire room
13. Small room
14. Couatl room
15. Hallway outside #14
16. Stairs to #17
17. The Cistern
18. Stairs connecting #14 and #17
19. Stairs to #3
20. Couatl secret lair
21. Stairs up to DDD
22. Stairs to #9

(A) If you open the iron grate(1), you find yourself in a 4-way intersection with iron grates and pressure plates on all sides. If you go right(2a), you will find a set of stairs up(3). These are blocked if you have not already descended from above. If you go left(2b), the set of stairs up leads to a small dead end room(4) with food and water. Going straight(5) is the way to proceed onward. Be sure to close the iron grate after you, the spiders will be attacking.

You find yourself now in a room with mists. Enter the mist to you left. You will see a couple of pits and a set of stairs leading upward(6). The stairs lead to a dead end. The way to get in this room is to fall from the laughing pit above. There are no monsters in this room, and no treasure. If you do happen to end up here by accident, there's a false wall leading to the j.o.w. in the southeast and a switch which opens the passage leading to the set of stairs you just descended(6).

The mists in the room teleport you to various places. There are two more mists you must pass through in order to proceed. Standing with the mist you just entered to your right and one of the pits to your left, step forward twice, then right twice. You will now have a mist to your right and behind you. Step through the mist to you right. Now wind you way around the two columns in an "s" shape(with the mist you just stepped through to your left, go forward two, left two, back two, and left one). Enter the mist to your left. You should see a blue kirtle and gunna lying on the floor. Go around the columns, making sure not to enter any more mists. You should now see a set of stairs leading up(7).

Up these stairs, you will find yourself confronting rives. This is when that vorpal blade comes in handy! Rest downstairs, then ready your nonmaterial spells and press onward. You are now at the "laughing pit" area(8). This pit will fluctuate between opening and closing. You will notice freeze life boxes in the alcoves. You must use these to freeze the pit closed temporarily, and you move quickly over it. Quickly go around the corner and head north, to the wooden door, with the golden keyhole next to it. If you don't, you'll be silently teleported elsewhere(see (9) below).

Make sure your party is very well rested. You have a huge battle ahead of you in the room (10) beyond. Blasting through the door(or use a key and save mana) you see a series of doors which must be blasted through with fireballs. You will come to an open door and a pressure plate on the floor just ahead of you. Step on this, and you're trapped in the room with an endless stream of rives and water elementals coming at you. So don't do this. It's best to back up to where you first came in and attack the monsters using lots of low level nonmaterial spells and vorpal blades. It's going to take a while to clear them out. There are lots of them.

Once you've gotten most of them, you can proceed through the room(10). There's a switch to your left, which reopens the door that closed behind you, and you'll see the pendant feral lying on the floor. There's another switch on the wall, a blue one, which teleports you back near the laughing pit, at the area where you can get silently teleported away to (9). This is in case you get overwhelmed by the monsters.

Up the stairs(11), you find yourself at (C). If you came in at (C) you don't need to do the things I listed above. Consider yourself lucky, you're well along the DAIN path. See rest of discussion below.

At (B), you seemed to be trapped in a dead end with no way out. If you touch the chaos face, you'll be in a trap with monsters attacking you, and the only exit is a pit which leads you to part of NETA. Not something you want to do. If you observe around you carefully, you'll notice some strange happenings. As you make your way back to the altar of vi, two steps away from it, you'll notice the altar disappear, and you'll be standing in a new corridor. Just wait for a few moments,don't move, and you'll find yourself in a short corridor with a teleporter at the end, which takes you near (A), around (2b). See discussion above.

(C) If you enter the room to you right(12), you'll see mists and fireballs flying back and forth. There are two exits from this room. One is to make your way straight through into the room. Don't push the buttons, they make slime devils. Head to the niche at the far end of the room. If you remove the vorpal blade, rives will attack, and the fireballs get larger. Placing an object on the altar will open a passage near you to the left(if you're facing the altar). An onyx key will open the door. You'll be in a small room(13) with two fountains, you'll see a gold key and some other random item on the floor. There's a false wall to the left, and behind it, a couatl. DO NOT kill the couatl while he's hovering over the pit. Lead him back into the room with you. Then kill him, and you'll get an orange gem. This closes the pit blocking your way. There's a plate on the floor you need to leave an object on, and there's another false wall nearby. You're now in the Couatl room(14). See below.

The other possible exit from (12) is, if you look to your left as you enter, past the mist you'll see an iron grate, blast it with a fireball. Down a short hallway, you enter a small room. There are 3 iron grates with couatls behind them. You want to send them some magic through the doors and get rid of them. The pressure plate opens all three doors simultaneously. The eye asks you to "prove you are a wizard". Press a zokathra spell against it. You'll be teleported elsewhere. Continuing onward, you'll have a message pop up that says you're on the "bridge". You'll come to a dead end with a button to push. Push the button and back up quickly 3 steps, and you'll be teleported to the south end of the couatl room(14), near the winged key lock. You'll see a button nearby, which opens a set of stairs down(18) to the cistern(see below).

(C)If you choose to go through the reinforced door(as opposed to going through the open room to your right(12)) using an onyx key or a mon fireball, you will be in a corridor(15) outside of the Couatl room(14)(see below). If you haven't already been to the Couatl room and used the winged key, to open the couatl's secret lair, then the rest of this area will be blocked. The set of stairs down(16) leads to the cistern(17). This is a very large area full of water elementals. There is very little treasure here, and it's not really a place you want to be. Notice that leading the water elementals to the grates on the floor will cause them to slip through. The mists teleport you around. You'll notice they move from time to time. You need to wait and watch and bolt by them quickly. From the cistern there are two other possible exits. Past a door to the southwest, there is a pit leading back to the j.o.w., and behind a false wall a set of stairs(18) leading up to the couatl room(of course, you must first have gone through the couatl room above and opened the passage with the winged key). There's also a button on the wall nearby, with a set of stairs leading down(19). Down these, and another flight of stairs(3) after it, and you'll be back near (A). Another door opens with a onyx key, providing you with a route to go around the teleporters.

COUATL ROOM-- Winding your way through this narrow path(watch for hidden pits!) and attacking the couatls, you'll see an alcove with three buttons. Follow the advice on the scroll, push the button to the west. (The other buttons open up walls and more couatls attack.) Pushing the correct button opens a hidden door, exposing a pressure plate. Throw an item and it lands on the plate, and this closes a pit. You can now proceed through the rest of the room, and you find yourself at two green buttons set in the wall, and the "right wrong left" message. Push the right button(the left button opens another pit). Now the pit in front of the winged key is closed, allowing you to retrieve it.

Inserting the key into the lock allows you access to the Couatl's secret lair(20). near the winged key lock. After clearing them out, you'll find a fountain and a chest, and a RA key. This RA key is something you very much want. In the chest, you'll find treasure, including the Ruby key you need to complete the rest of DAIN from the DDD. The iron grate door cannot be opened. You'll see down the hall nearby two sets of stairs, one up(21) and one down(22).

The stairs down(22) lead to the area(9) you can be teleported to silently near the laughing pit(see above). This area is not important, but I'll discuss it briefly. You'll see ant men behind a door. You must cast a spell into the mist, and it will transport your spell to the ant men, killing them. The door will open. Cast an open door spell at the mist. The other ant men will be released, and you can kill them, and the hidden pit under the mist is now closed. Proceed onward, and you find an orange gem. Pick it up, and an opening to the south will be revealed briefly. Go through, and you'll notice a button on the wall. Pushing this causes nonmaterial spells to be shot at the rives and water elementals at (12). There's a ven potion on the niche nearby. If you explore the rest of the area, you see two pits, and some cheese on the floor. There's a silent teleporter that takes you back near the laughing pit.

The stairs up(21) take you to the DDD.


This is the last time you'll be paying a visit to the DDD(aren't you glad?) Again, you need to have a monster stand in front of the "fighter's charge" sign, back up quickly two steps, cast an open door spell ahead of you, it will release the demon inside. Kill the demon. The pit in front of you is now closed. Once this is done, proceed forward and you'll find a set of stairs down. There is a cross keyhole here, and a gold keyhole, which leads to a gor coin.

Back up the stairs, you will see inscribed on a nearby wall "value in exchange for valuables". Place any five items on the plate, and they will be teleported. After surrendering five items, a passage will open, and you'll get your items back, along with the cross key you need. If you use the key in the downstairs lock first, a more direct path is opened.

Through this path and past the flame pits, and an iron grate, you will see a button on the wall. Don't press it, it launches fireballs and makes the flame pits harder to kill. When you step through the second iron grate, the pressure plate causes it to close behind you. Pulling the lever on the wall closes the pit that blocks your way to the door leading to the end of DAIN. The ruby key, obtained from the couatl's secret lair(see above) opens this door.

Near the top of the stairs, you'll see a niche with treasure. Take too much, and you'll be punished. So don't do it. Past the pits, around the corner, there's another gold shielded door leading to the FULYA level. Keep going, you see a set of stairs down, leading to the level below the corbum, with some treasure.


The door at the end of the hall will open with an iron key(or push the button that's on the wall opposite the door). There's a false wall to the right, and a button to push, which closes a pit. The pit that is directly in front of the corbum is an illusion, you can walk on it normally. The pit that is one south and one east of this(diagonal from it) is also an illusion.


Ok, so now you've got the four corbums. Now you need to go destroy them. In my opinion, the way I'm about to tell you is the easiest way to do so. You miss some of the FULYA level, but there's nothing really too important, just some minor treasure. You can still explore from here if you really wanted to.

What is this great technique, you ask? Well, you need to go back to the stairs that lead up to the FULYA level. You'll see a very nasty trap to your left. Ignore it, just go straight, you'll see two RA key holes. You can use a zokathra spell to dissolve the lock, or use the Ra key you got before in the couatl lair. Either way, you want to open the door with the mist behind it. Stepping into the mist teleports you very far into the FULYA level, very near where you need to be to destroy the corbums.

From the mist, there are three possible places you can end up. Regardless of where this is, you're still near where you need to be. You want to head SOUTHWEST. Beware hidden pits. They're all over the place. You'll see zytazes and armored worms, and your favorite, demons! There's some niches with treasure around(usually food), and you'll see other mists and various keyholes. Ignore them all. Always keep your main goal in mind: head southwest. If you do fall down a pit, you'll find stairs up, and you're still near your goal. There are also some little rooms you can enclose yourself in to rest if you need to. You might see Chaos. You can't defeat him, but war cry him if he bothers you. Keep moving quickly. When you see lots of demons, you are in the right place. They're guarding the room you need to enter to destroy the corbums. Using freeze life boxes/eyes of time, you can quickly and safely blast the demons. What you are looking for is a MASTER KEY. One of the demons has it. You've got to keep killing them until you find it. Once you do, find the Master lock nearby. It's dark black. Inside the room, you'll come to a small circular room with a pillar in the center. At the end is an open pit, with a lava pit beyond it, and chaos faces set in the wall. Throw the corbums to the lava pit. They're destroyed, and you get the endgame. That's it! You've won!



Ya Bro Ros Magic Footprints
Oh Ven Poison Cloud
Oh Ew Ra Thieves' Eye
Oh Ew Sar Invisibility
Oh Kath Ra Lightning Bolt
Oh Ir Ra Light
Ful Magic Torch
Ful Ir Fireball
Des Ven Poison
Des Ew Harm non-material
Zo Open door
Zo Ven Poison Bomb
Ya Stamina potion
Ya Ir Shield spell
Ya Bro Shield potion
Ya Bro Dain Wisdom potion
Ya Bro Neta Vitality potion
Vi Health potion
Vi Bro Cure poison
Oh Bro Ros Dexterity potion
Oh Gor Ku Show creature*
Oh Gor Ros Reveal Hidden*
Oh Gor Dain Show Magic*
Ful Bro Ku Strength Potion
Ful Bro Neta Fireshield
Des Ir Sar Darkness
Zo Bro Ra Mana potion
Zo Ir Neta Divine Witness*

Note: * indicates magic map spells


W= weapons
P= poison
F = fireballs
N= nonmaterial

Poisonous? Groups? How to kill them?
Ant Men no yes w,p,f
Armored Worms yes yes w,p,f
Black Flames(lava pits) no no n
Couatls(flying snakes) yes no w,p,f
Death Knights no yes w,f
Gazers no yes w,p,f
Giant Scorpions yes no w,p,f
Gigglers no no w,p,f
Greater Oitus(spiders) yes no w,p,f
Hell Hounds no yes w,p,f
Lord Chaos no no cannot
Mon Vexirks no yes w,p,f
Mummies no yes w,f
Munchers yes yes w,p,f
Red Dragons no no w,p,f
Rives(air elementals) no yes n
Rock Piles yes yes w,p,f
Screamers no yes w,p,f
Skeletons no yes w,f
Slime Devils yes yes w,f
Stone Golems no no w
Viper Demons no yes w,p,f
Water Elementals no no n
Zytazes(in nonmaterial state) no yes n