Dungeon Master II Walkthrough


The following walkthrough was written by J. Johnson-Appoo (mainly) & Lu Richardson.
I converted the original text only document to HTML for this page.

The last section of this page includes some additions to the walkthrough by Braindead (Christopher,


So, it is finally here the long-awaited sequel to the ground breaking RPG Dungeon Master. Apparently the FTL team hasn't caught up with the technology as evident from this game. Why can't someone produce a Underworld-type game anymore?!! Anyway I'll let someone else slag off this game. The FTL team really should have borrowed some other games engine for DM2, after all everyone I've seen have nicked ideas from the first Dungeon Master. Who knows maybe they are purists at heart and have high ethical/moral values but at the expense of gameplayers like us!!??

This game is so tough that we tried playing without cheating and had to give up very early on - so we recommend you play first with the cheat (see the appropriate file) and then attempt it without it.


You are Torham Zed an aspiring hero sent to a lonely outpost by your uncle along with assorted hero-type companions. Your job is to check out the local fortress on the hill. It seems your uncle, Mylius is rather worried about this fortress and feels that the evil warlord Dragoth has chosen it as his site for a beachhead. However, Dragoth is from another dimension and thus has to create portals to send his minions through during his preparation.

You meet the headwoman of the moon clan, who tells you of Dragoth's foul plan. While talking to you, she is attacked by dastardly inhuman creatures (hey! I'm getting good at this) and with her dying breath compels you to fix the Zo Link machine in the fortress and enter the void to confront Dragoth and his diseased army ( all this while she was dying - amazing woman!)

Starting Tips

You will see the change the FTL team have done to the step movement of the characters, they have made it softer by adding a half-step when you move. Though they may think that this enchances the game actually it detracts from the game by making your movement unsure. I would have preferred the original step movement or smooth scrolling like the Underworld or Shadowcaster game. There are lots of things to bear in mind when playing this game. You have to be fast on your feet (keyboard and mouse in our case) to survive encounters with particularly nasty beasties and, believe me, some of these beasties are a lot tougher than anything I've seen, and I'm playing with edited characters.

Always check the walls for any switches or levers to press or pull. Step on pressure plates to see what effects it causes and all the usual things that we adventurers do. As always, save your game before trying anything new. There are gold or gems lying around to be collected, and also weapons and armour. You can always sell these to the shopkeepers and purchase better stuff.

Also listen to noises around you, it can be quite informative. Practice on the keyboard and mouse to gain competency, as action comes thick and fast. Experiment with the magic symbols to learn new spells and keep a few empty glasses handy for potions. Try not to carry too much weight as it slows you down; instead, exchange your surplus items for coins and gems.

Keep your eye on the food and water situation. Whenever you see a fountain, pause to feed and water your characters and refill their botas.


You are in a area of frozen champions and you will be able to take three of them with you on your adventure. Try to get a nice balanced crew with your magic makers behind the fighters. Then climb up to the room above you.

Entry Stage

You find yourself in a room with a table in front of you. Move the table by clicking on it and check behind the sun-burst picture. You will find a key, money box and other goodies with a magic map (probably the best new thing in this game). There is also a chest nearby with some healing solutions. The room next door contains the resurrection altar, so if one of your team is killed off just place the bones on the alter to revive him or her. Now head on out.

You meet a GLOP and get in some practice killing the purple beasty. You will observe that you can entice it under the door and then shut it on it. Pity there are not a lot of doors like it in this game. The surrounding area on the outside is usually gloomy and rainy with lightning flashing about. If you are unlucky, you can get struck by lightning. As you come out, you will notice a * gate on your right. You will need the * key, of course, to open this gate. The key is in the food shop on a table. There is also a red cross on a black circle near the fountain, what this is I don't know?!!


Visit all the shops to buy anything that you want. Browse through the pictures in between the tables, using the arrows. Stop at what you want to buy or sell.

Don't throw anything at the shopkeeper but place the cash on the table. You can't defeat the guard at the shop no matter what you do (I know because I tried - my group are archmasters at everything yet they failed). Use the left table to sell and the right table to buy. You can also use the left table to exchange all your coins for gems i.e. place your money box on it.

While on the subject of shops, a couple of good purchases are a compass and, later on, a rope (if you equip it you can go down holes). Of course, a couple of botas are a must, each character must have one of these water carriers.

Buy some axes or swords for your fighters. These weapons cause the most damage to the monsters. Search the fountain for money. The glops also yield coins some of the time when killed. When you have finished here go through the * gate.

The * Area

It will probably be raining when you get here with lots of lightning flashing all over the place. You will see a grey road marker pretty soon. On you right is a gate you can't cross yet. In front is the entrance to Skullkeep, on entry you will notice the green door with two golden dragons on it. You will need four pieces of the blue clan key to open this door. Dump your excess goods which you don't want to sell here. Once good thing to keep here handy is food. Use the chests and bags to fill them with food, ready to take them up when you go into Skullkeep - food is tougher to find there, and besides you won't want to be distracted with such paltry things then.

Further on in this area you will find the Lightning gate, the entrance to the bat caves opposite it and a archway to the brown monster infested area. The worms that you kill here yields worm food, very nourishing and filling (makes a change from my usual curries)

Bat Caves

There is nothing special here. Kill some bats, you can always sell the remains for money. The is a green gem in one of the bat caves. You will also see some machinery that runs Skullkeep. By the way the bats are poisonous, so hit them before they hit you.

Brown Monster Area

Do what tough guys always do, kill the monsters and collect the steaks yum yum. Tandori chicken was never like this. Explore the bat caves around here. There is a archway to a misty area enter it. If you run out of food, come back here and start slaughtering the big monsters - in fact, you could collect plenty and leave it at the entrance to Skullkeep, you will need it.

Misty Area

You should collect the Mana flowers you find here, you can combine them with a staff to make them magical (?), eat them to increase your mana points or sell them for loot. This area is infested with tornados who spit thunder bolts at you. I couldn't destroy them just then so I ignored them and took some hits. In the centre of this area, you will find the stonehenge and a stone circle in it. On top of the circle, you find the lightning key, a magic scout map and a piece of the clan key.

Let me tell you about these maps. The scout map when activated produces a scout which looks like a large eye (The first time I activated it, I thought that it was a monster and destroyed it). You can send the eye anywhere on the map and observe it's progress and scout the area. You can only do this if the eye is not blocked by any obstacle. Later on you will also find the magic porter map and the magic fighter map. The creatures of the map do exactly what their names suggests. The buttons on the map has various functions, the sword symbol reveals enemy units, second button reveals secret rooms, the third reveals mana-laden items, and the fourth shows projectiles thrown by enemies. I think that I have the sequence right but experiment anyway to verify it.

When you have finished here go to the lightning area.

Lightning Area

More worms I'm afraid yuk yuk. There is a rather annoying group of small, bald red bearded men in this area who not only hit you but also steal all your precious weapons and runs away. To resolve this problem, either kill them quickly and retrieve your weapons or follow them to their hiding area and identify it on your maps so that you know where your weapons will end up in future if they were ever stolen. One good thing about killing these men is that they yield up lots of gold.

You will also find the Moon Gate in this area and a archway near it leading to the area of wolves.

Wolves Area

Lots of leaping wolves around here for you to kill. You will also find some gold and other goodies on the ground. Searching this area will bring you to the stone circle which has the Moon Key, Clan piece key and a magic map. Either drop down the hole in this area or climb down via one of the step ladder to the level below. Nothing much on this level except some bombs hidden by some boulders. You could actually manoeuver the boulders under the holes so that when you are up above you don't fall through when trying to get at the gold coins. However, this is much too much trouble and gold is easier to get elsewhere.

Back in the lightning area, use the Moon key and enter the Moon area.

Moon Area

Search this area throughly and you will see a grey marker with the 'E' gate near it. There are more worms in this area and the red baldies are still around. Go through the archway and meet some giants, who throw axes at you and maybe even steal your weapons. The useful thing is that the giants don't go too far away so you can recover your weapons fairly quickly plus when the giants die they leave behind their axes for you. You could keep coming back here to slaughter the giants and collect the axes - they fetch a good price at the shop, and this will enable you to buy more equipment for your guys.

There is a archway in this giants' playground which contains some nice fruits and more shops offering some unusual weapons and armour.

You must have caught on to the fact that once you open up an area, the monsters in these areas start crossing over to each other. This is a terrible pain in the butt as you get distracted and frustrated with senseless fights spend your time chasing the red rascal when you should be solving puzzles.

Anyway in the giants' playground you find the other clan key piece with the 'E' key. Now go to the 'E' area.

'E' Area

Things get tougher here, there are tornados and some sort of floating spinner who hits with blasts of blue. Search the area throughly and you will see the gate that you couldn't open at the start of the game (near Skullkeep) it opens automatically as you approach it.

Find the Vorpal blade in one of the bushes, only it can destroy the tornado. Go through the archway you find in this area and you will meet lots of evil trees. There is a archway in the evil trees area and through it you will find the cemetery.


The gate closes behind you and you are facing the statue of a shopkeeper. A flying snake comes out of the statue and attacks you. Use the Vorpal blade on it. Ordinary weapons doesn't seem to affect it so save the Vorpal blade for this and other strange beasties.

When you have killed the flying snake go through the opposite area and it will take you into a dungeon.

The Dungeon

Immediately on your right upon entry is a switch which reveals the FUL key and a Magikal box. Now watch out for the moving pits that lie all over this place. You can either enter the level below or drop down a hole. There are moving doors that can crush you and two ghosts hanging around, I use the word hanging as they don't seem to have their bottom half anywhere in sight - you just have to wait till the gates open. Use the vorpal blade on the skeletons. Time your entry into each room and find some nice armour and a potion?!!. Now go back up.

Use the scout of the map to observe the moving pits and time your run to the door on the right side. In fact, I could only manage this by activating the scout eye and moving it one step at a time and following it - for some reason the holes don't appear under it. In this way, was able to get to the keyhole and I even had time to look in my pocket for the key and get through the door without falling below. Inside you find some mummies appearing as soon as you step on the plates, despatch them with the rather useful vorpal blade. You will come to a red banner, removing it you see lots of goodies plus the OH key for the other door. The sword FURY is pretty good and of course you also get a guardian tablet to use.

A little bit of advice at this point, please note the magical symbols on all the magical stuff so that you can cast them again at your leisure. I shall also send Wayne a list of this Magical List as soon as possible.

Now go to the other door and enter. You see a revolving table with the last clan piece key on the other side. This took me a few minutes to solve when the familiarity of the table struck me. Placing a bronze coin prompts a ghost-like shopkeeper to appear and hand you the last clan piece. I just love these little puzzles. he he

Now exit through the second exit and you find some red fountains containing a red gem and a bomb. The archway near here leads to a shopkeeper who deals in all things magical. Now is an excellent chance to learn about more magic by buying and selling stuff and learning their magical powers, just don't use them. Selling them back gets you some of your money back. You will also face skeletons and more tornados in this area.

By the time I left this area, I had magical guards and fighters. Now it's time to go back to Skullkeep and fit those clan pieces together.


First, sort yourself out and make sure you have plenty of food and water and the best possible equipment. Discard any items you are obviously not going to need. Fit the clan pieces together on the wall and the green door will open. Step inside and you are locked in. You need the gold key to get out again. You face a red eye and a skeleton lying on a pressure plate (get the message?) yes, step on the plate and step back immediately to avoid the fireballs coming your way. Now this puzzle took me half an hour to work out and execute. Face all three buttons with your back to the three doors, then press in a rapid sequence the right, left and front buttons and keep backing quickly to get past the doors. Believe me you have to be quick at it.

In the alcove you will find the gold key and the minion map. Next door you will find some pits and a ladder going down. The sword that you find is a trap to block you in this area so use the minion map porter to retrieve the sword. Going down you face some worms and get a chance to replenish your stores. (I can't remember if it's here or in another lot of caves, but you are able to go outside once more, if you've forgotten to get something.)

Don't forget to look for hidden rooms via the map, there's one here with a nice crystal shield.

Okay head for the stairs.

Evil Magicians' Area

You pull on the brown rope for attention. Such cute chimes, I should get it for my own front door. If you are smart, send in lots of fighters to deal with the magicians and only go in when the noise has died down. On the other hand if you are like me then sally forth with the bit between your teeth and start hitting when you see the whites of their eyes, of course I took a lot of damage but then with 999 hit points I can afford it. If you are playing with unedited characters, can you afford it?

There are lots of goodies in alcoves and hidden rooms hereabouts. Just help yourself to it. The door besides the cauldron of green juice opens for the journey so carry on.

You are now in a squarish area with a pressure plate and a fast opening/closing door. The pressure plate opens the door for a milisecond. Use the minion map porter to place some object on the plate (start by leaving something on it) while you stand two spaces away from the door, then rush in as soon as it opens. Also check out the hidden rooms and press the switch on the wall to open the second room. Disable both eyes, this should stop the fireballs further on. The way you disable the eyes is by getting behind them (use the second button on the Magic Map to spot illusionary walls), removing the backcover and extracting the eyes themselves from the back.

You are now in a corridor, you have disabled the first eye and must disable the rest to stop the fireball attack. Proceeding along the corridor, you hear a click, stop and turn right in a hidden corridor, disable all the eyes here and also check out the cute helm in the alcove (it's magic of course so make a note of the magical symbols).

Gear Room

You now enter a large room with a spinner in it. There is also a closed door with some gears on its side. The alcove contains a gear and a ring. There is another closed door ( I didn't see anyway to open this). There is a step ladder to a lower level.

Lower level

Nothing much here except some ghosts, use the vorpal blade as usual. If you return the torch on the floor to the holder on the wall you'll find another vorpal blade in the niche which at first seemed empty.

Gear Room

There is one door here that you can't open. Perhaps it can only be opened from the other side (sure hope so, otherwise it going to a long journey back) Back to the Gear door. What you do here is place the gear in its place, press the button, pick the gear and go on to the next door and repeat this action. There are four doors and you have to do this really quickly or you get dropped into the lower level. Speed is essential. This took me some time and I'm sure my bum is blue and black with all that falling down.

Power House

Lots of machinery hereabouts. There are two plaques, one saying to collect fuel from two levels below and another saying to activate something two levels above. Get the YA key from the alcove and place it in its slot. Now open the second door in the room. After this press the button and the key gets dropped into a lower level. You have to collect the key from the lower level to use it again in its second slot. By the way the Blue swirling things that you see are portals created by the evil nasties. You can close them with the MON ZO spell.

Lower Level

Pull the lever near the step-ladder to lower it and climb down. Lots of bats and some goodies on this level. Nothing else much here. Find the step-ladder to the second lower level. If you create a couple of fighters (MON ZO EW KU) every time you enter a new location, they can get on beating up the badies while you concentrate on the loot. While exploring around these caves, be on the look out for a skeleton embeded in the rock, holding an axe, it's near a blue gem. Don't step into the cave with him or you'll get trapped in.

2nd Lower level

Much more tougher than you think, lots of worms and enemy spinners on this level. Pick up some pyro rocks for fuel (try chucking them at the furnace when you find it) and also move all the boulders to cover the holes. You also get some magical stuff and gems. There is a green gorilla-type bloke on this level who is almost too tough to beat and he also blasts you with poisonous attack so get ready with your neutralise poison potion. The symbols for it is MON YI BRO. Whatever you do don't let him corner you or you're history.

There are lots of green gems, a scepter and other good stuff here plus the Kalan glove. What I did was send in lots of fighters to finish off the gorilla thentook my time examining the place. There is a trap here with a crushing spiked wall but you can easily avoid this by not stepping on the pressure plate.

When the gorilla is dead, pick up the Blood Key from him and don't forget the YA key.

Open the door to the stone people and they will attack you with pyro rocks but they don't really do much damage to you. There is a proturberance on the wall which will activate the blue teleporter. This will take you back to the furnace and near the entry of the 1st level. I found that the furnace was already activated. I didn't touch it I swear. It must have been the stone people. Alternatively, it could have been that big key stuck in the wall, turning it may have activated the machinery. Anyway, try the 3rd level.

Blue curtains transport you elsewhere.

3rd lower level

There are lava pits here that exude fiery monsters who explode on contact. Otherwise there is nothing special to be found. Oh, there is a blue gem on one of the wall. Well, back to the Power House.

Power House

You should see that the furnace is burning nicely. Proceed to the second door and the slot that needs the YA key. The area here is quite large has has a couple of interesting things. You get another scout map from the alcove. The step-ladder takes you to the lower level.

Lower level

There are lots of blue curtains here but I don't see any particular effects from them. You will see that the step-ladder has not come down with you so you have to activate a button to lower it. There are also lots of buttons here that unleash fireballs at you when pressed. The button that you need is in the north-west corner along with a blue health potion in an alcove (I think that it was the north-west corner, I haven't got a compass you see). There is a secret button behind a brick in a large hidden room, it reveals a hidden smaller square behind another hidden room. I think that I am totally confused now.

You also meet a green monster here who yields some gems when killed.

Main level

Observe the pit that flashes with blue lightnings above it, nice but I don't know what to do about it. The ladder near it goes down but there doesn't seem to be anything special here. I'm taking a rest maybe I think better tomorrow. Well, it's tomorrow and I'm thinking better (not really, I asked for help). Apparently, the flashes cause the pit to open, so send your scout minion to stand in front of the blaster and cross safely. You should now pull that lever on the side to make sure that the pit doesn't open again.

Guess what! the fire in the furnace has gone out again, so another trip down when you have the time. Well they keep throwing these little headaches along the way to make sure that you don't get too bored or complacent, thanks a lot. Remember the door in the gear room? Well, you can open it now. Go up the ladder to the room above.

Green Lizards Room

Holy! Moly! you meet green Lizards with slayer arrows. These can kill you in no time so dance around them and chuck spells on them. Also send in lots of fighter minions to attack them. Those blasted enemy minions are in here too. I won't be surprised to see that nasty red haired dwarf coming along before too long. How can one play this game without getting interrupted every so often.?

Check the alcoves, you will get a gear and a message about the portals. There are two doors here, one has a silver lock and the other needs a fuse. I tried out the three plates and got blasted for my efforts. Place the gear in the obvious place and touch or pull everything in sight including standing on all three plates. I say this because a flying box appeared and I send my minions after it. When it was blasted down, it yielded up the vacuum fuse and other goodies. What I did to get the flying box to appear is a mystery; perhaps it was stepping on the plates, or may be it was already there.

Fit the vacuum fuse in its place and open the door near it. There are two hidden rooms here containing armour and the master key in a alcove.

The other room cantains a lock with a X under it but I don't seem to have the key for this lock right now.

Room of Levers

Now use the master key on the silver lock and enter a room with a locked door and a whole bunch of levers. Keep the master key with you as you need it later for the last room.I got the door to open with the levers in this position, starting with the one nearest the door - up, up, down, down, up, down, up. There may be other combinations but I didn't try anymore.

OOPS, I'm shamed, I found that there are a number of doors after the first one that needs the use of the levers. All levers must be in the UP position to get through those doors. There are several large rooms along the way containing barrels. Smash the barrels for lots of goodies and a vacuum tube. One of these rooms also has a step ladder and a lever besides it. Pull the lever and descend. The room has a large gear in it. The secret corridor leading from this room goes to the fireball corridor and all those eyes.

When you get to the last room, use the master key and get in. There are minions waiting for you.

Water Pump Room.

Start up the pumps by using the lever near them. Place the fuse in the space provided and pick up the CROSS key in the alcove. Pull the lever in the central column and it lowers the step-ladder near it. Go down the ladder and you are in the Power House again.

Power House

Descend to the lower level and destroy the enemy minion that is stopping the stone people from doing their job and the furnace will work again. If you come back up and look at the engines, you will see that the boiler and the furnace are going nicely, but one other is still dead. It does not seem to be necessary to do anything about it.

Green Lizards Room

Go back to this room and try the cross key in the lock with the X under it. A ladder falls down besides you. Go up the ladder to the Ramming Rams head room.

Ramming Rams' Head Room

You will see lots of tables around you, smash them all to gain access to the other part of the room. Have some of your attack minions standing by for the enemy minions. To cross the ramming rams, it takes good timing and lots of reloading savegames to get across but it can be done (I think that I have worn out my writing/reading head during this stage).

Explore the area throughly, you will find two tablets, an attack and guard minion. Take the first corridor to the moving portals.

Blue Moving Portal Room

Set some guard and attack minions on duty and explore this area. There are some goodies in the alcove if you are fast enough to grab them. The portals move you about and dump you near some pits. There is a door near the pits that I couldn't open. Try the other doorway by avoiding the portals and you will have found the reflector room. The door you had to pass on the way here is the room for the water valves. You need your master key for this door (I hope you have kept it with you or it's a long journey ahead for you to get it back).

Water Valves Room

Switch everything on, and check the furnace again three levels below. The step-ladder here is operated by the lever near it. There is a Techmace in the alcove and a switch behind one of the metal plates. What the switch does is anyone's guess at the moment(it makes the techmace appear I discovered later). Well, back to the reflector room.

Reflector Room

You may start feeling more like a engineer than a adventurer around this time. I know this feeling well, I should have taken up engineering when I had the chance. The dang blasted enemy minions are still hounding me. Now to align the reflectors. Actually, I don't know this bit yet so lets search the rooms first. Send a scout to stand in front of the fireball emitter designated by the brown circle and stand on the plate to fire it. The pits should now disappear. The brown door doesn't seem to have any key for it so just barge in to break it down. You find some fire armour here.

The other room has a ladder to a upper level. Climb up.

Electricity Room

The first door needs a key that you don't have. You have to run the gauntlet of the electric corridor so do that, time it so as not to get dead at the end. You will see a alcove with two keys. Picking both up will place you in a trap. So just get the onyx key for now and open that door. If you can't do so directly, pick one up and drop in on the floor where you can reach it, get the other key, then pick up the one on the floor and pitch it in the niche.

Chamber of the Void

You should see an enormous brown gem connected to electrical installation and a closed gate on a path in front of it. There are four electrical connections around this place. You also see the skull room containing some reflectors. Between the gem and the gate are two connections that will produce fireballs when moved, so don't turn these on for now.

The ladder that leads to the roof, don't climb as there are millions of green lizards up there, only go up if your team is 100% fit and armed to the teeth. Also conjure fighter minions by the dozen as soon as you get there. There is a large enemy portal here that you can't close.

Search all the rooms here, one of the plates can be removed, the button will place the excellent excysomething blade in the alcove for you. The ladder that you see on the right, just inside the entrance leads to that blue moving portal room (getting any ideas?). The door with the skull lock will need the the skull key of course. Okay now return the onyx key to its alcove and retrieve the skull key. Go to the moving portal room and you will see the ladder that you have lowered. Climb up and you are in the chamber of the void.

Okay use the skull key on it's door and you'll see a blue portal beside you. Enter the portal and you are in the skull room. Now you may find yourself constrained by a lack of space to move. So send a fireball spell into the reflector beside you to destroy one of the tables, smash the other table.

Open the door and move the reflectors out of that room. Barge into them to do this if moving them manually fails. Align them so that the fireballs released will move onto the gem. Set all the connections down.

The connection behind the gem should send lightning bolts into the gem. If the gateway is not opening then there a couple of things that you should check.

Check to see if the furnace is burning, remember those blasted enemy minions blocking the stone people from doing their job. Leave some guards near the stone people this might help but make sure that the guards are not blocking the stone people from doing their job. The way to this level is of course through the reflector room.

Another thing that you should is to see if the fireballs are striking the gem at the same time. You do this by closing and opening one of the connection and checking the map. Don't start moaning if you can't get it right the first time. I've been wandering all over and I've got dungeon fever and can't wait to finish this game.

Tell you a secret. Place the reflectors on the round grilles on the floor, either side of the gem, pointing to a mid-point between the fireball generator and the gem. The timing of the fire balls is vital, so keep trying.

When you hear that strange sound, check the gateway, it should be open. Before you set out, say goodbye to your friends and family, this could take a while. Save your game and do a trial run. Use the magic map to see what's ahead. You'll come to the end of the path and see a floating bridge ahead, try catching it. Wot, you came crashing back to the entrance? Strange... Right, now do it for real. Get your characters in good nick, send numerous fighters ahead and go for it.

The Void

Isn't it gorgeous, all that blue luminescent pathway. The ever present enemy minions are there too, these things are going to be the death of me. Use your map and observe the two moving pathways, try the one straight ahead of you (bet you get a sore bum from falling down).

Use the accelerator spell (you see your team moving when this spell is cast). The spell is MON OH IR ROS (good luck buddy).

When you have got onto the other patch of ground, you see a another pathway leading to a bigger platform. Do the spell again if it has worn out and crossto the platform. Conjure all the minions you can and cast protective spells as Dragoth awaits you here. Dragoth is the toughest monster yet and you need to be on your feet to take him down.

Use your keyboard well and keep moving while you are hitting him. Your minions will also keep him busy while you are attacking him. The enemy minions practically congregate here so watch out. If you win (only by the skin of your teeth) Dragoth will flee to his master, one called LORD DELOS? There is a escape portal here for Dragoth, which you can see but not enter.

Lord Delos is rather unhappy with Dragoth for losing and turns him into a nasty but tasty insect (yum yum). Lord Delos looks annoyed with you and it looks like there is going to be a re-match, hopefully with a new games engine (tee hee).

The end sequence is delightful to watch and the credits mercifully short.

The End

Copyright (c) 1995 Eurowave Leisure Ltd.

Walkthrough additions

The following walkthrough additions were written by Braindead (Christopher,

Keep in mind that this is for the PC version of DM2. Also keep in mind that I probably have some mistakes in this walkthrough update.

" we recommend you play first with the cheat... and then attempt it without it." Shame on you walkthrough author. How much fun can a game actually be if you cheat the first time you play it?

Entry Stage

The * key refers to the Ra key. Red Cross is where you will end up if you teleport from any other red X in the game using the Tech Shield. You can find a Staff and a Scythe lying around in this area (or inside a Glop). The fountain contains a gold coin and two copper coins.


The Clothing Merchant Shop has an alcove with a Ya Bro potion in it. You can kill the Shop Guards and Merchants.

Ra Area

While in the entrance to Skullkeep, move the far right Giant Torch out of the way. There is a button concealed behind a boulder. Push it to get the Morningstar to appear in the right side alcove.

Bat Caves

The Dain button on the magic maps will show the location of projectile spells, Ya Ew stones, Arrows, Slayers, and Dead Bats. You can kill some bats and use them for markers if you want.

Thorn Demon Area

You might not want to kill them right away. Take some time to train your champions. These monsters can be tough and they have 400 Health. Items to find include an apple, a steak, some arrows, a bow and a quiver filled with arrows.

Misty Area

Mana Blossoms combine with a Staff to make a Serpent Staff. More on that later. Destroy the Vortexes the same way you would kill any other non material monster. Or just run past them like I do early on. Fire balls can destroy them as well but it takes about three Mon fireballs to do so and they have to hit a wall that the Vortex is next to in order to cause damage. Just thought you might want to know. You get a blue Magic Map in this area and not a Scout Map:

  • Ku Button: shows location of enemies.
  • Ros Button: shows imaginary walls.
  • Dain Button: shows markers and spells.
  • Neta Button: shows same location so you can keep an eye on any movement around (good for watching the furnace).

Lightning Area

Find the Tech Shield and 2 Fairy Cushions. Tech Shield will allow you to teleport to the sun clan village when you are on an X. Destroy the grey trees for practice if you want.

Wolf Area

Don't attack the wolves! Grab the Bain Bloom, a neat weapon which allows its user to cast a volley of three Oh Ven spells. other items to find include a Bone, Horned Helm, Chest w/ 2 Gold Coins, Scarab, and a Suzerain. Use the bone to retrieve the gold coins on the other side of the pits. Throw it over the pit and a wolf will jump over and retrieve the items for you if they have not been attacked. This is where you get the Scout Map.

Wolf Area Cave

Other items to find include six Ku Potions. You can't use the giant boulders to walk across the pits as the walkthrough author (here on out known as WTA) suggests.

Moon Area

Item to find would be the Ra Sar Shield.

Axe Men Area

One of the most important areas. There is one Axe Man at first who doesn't have a generator. You can find a green gem in his possession or at his stash location. When you are ready, take the items on the stone table/alter. Doing so will result in an Axe Men ambush. Be prepared to fight or run. Sell your extra axes and daggers at the Sun Clan Weapon Merchant to get the most money for their value.

"E" Area

The floater/spinner is called an Attack Minion. This one happens to be evil. Kill it, and be prepared to have to deal with more of them for the remainder of the game. Des Ew can kill the Vortexes as well (we all know that though).


If you really want to laugh, read what the WTA wrote about this area. In order for you to kill a flying snake in this area, you must first trip on acid. There is a way to maneuver through the cemetery without toggling any Specters. Use a map if you want to. Item to pick up: Serpent Staff.

Evil Tree Area

Wow, what can I say? The WTA got it right this time. There are indeed evil trees here. These Tree Gorgons wish to attack you and I don't mean by throwing apples at you. Do I need to bother mentioning their weakness. Items to pick up include the Spirit Cap and a Palm Apple.


Down stairs in the biggest room in this area (has two doors leading to the inside) look on the far wall for a boulder covering up a button. Push the button to reveal a secret passage which has a Chest w/ one Gold Coin, three Red Gems, and a Scarab. Best way to defeat the mummies is to run down the hall all the way to the door and activate a Scout Minion. Now you can attack one at a time when you are ready to do so.

Table Puzzle

place any coin or gem on the table. When the ghost starts to appear, take back your money and get the last Clan Key for free!

Blood Fountains Area

To quote the WTA, "Now is an excellent chance to learn about more magic by buying and selling stuff and learning their magical powers, just don't use them." Yeah right! Here's a million bucks, just don't spend it. Heaven forbid you actually use an item that you paid for. In other words, items' sell values won't go down for any reason, even if it is used. Items like necklaces and the Rainbow Wand will still give you that statistic booster regardless of whether you wear it, hold it, put it in your quiver, or put it in your pouch.


Button puzzle: cast Oh Ir Ros while facing all three buttons and push the left button, right button, and middle button. Then quickly moonwalk your way to the end.

Worm Pit

Ignore WTA. Get the bombs and kill the worms. There is a Tempest down here through an imaginary wall. As you face away from the ladder, walk straight. When you reach the wall, turn right and walk backwards through the wall. Only way to get it is to go through the wall backwards. (use a magic map to find out exact location if my description is unclear).

Evil Magicians Area

These guys are very brutal. As soon as they let you in, they attack you relentlessly. If you're lucky, by now you will have 999 health for each champion so you might survive. Well actually no, although it seems to be what the WTA suggests. They won't attack you unless you attack them, remove an item from the alcove (you thief), or place an item in the Vexirk Vat.

Dark Vexirk Spoiler

Use the tables and Giant Torch to trap the Vexirk King (preferably next to the Vexirk Vat). Once he is stuck, start attacking the others. When the Vexirk King attempts to recharge the Numen Staff (by putting it in the Vat) steal it from him and blast away!

One Gold Coin + One Red Gem + One Meteor Metal + one Spirit Cap = One Blue Steele.

One Staff + One Mana Blossom = One Serpent Staff.

These mixture items will reappear in the Axe Man area so you can keep making Blue Steeles and Serpent Staves. You can recharge the Numen Staff numerous times, or if you just don't like the weapon, you can sell it to the Magic Merchant. Push Ros button to find hidden wall containing the Combat Staff (right by the door). Use Ros button again to find the first Tech Eye and remove the eye to disable the machine. In the imaginary wall look for a button on the middle of the left wall; it actually looks more like a black blob rather then a button. Push it and take care of the second Tech Eye. Follow the WTA to find the last to Tech Eyes (good idea to use a map).


Close portals with any size Zo spell.

Lower Level

To quote the WTA, "Don't step into the cave with him or you'll get trapped in." Take the Axe if you want it and hack your way to freedom and get some green gems left behind. This is actually located in the third lower level.

Dru-Tan Area (aka green gorilla-type bloke area)

If you want a fairly good challenge, fight Dru-Tan to the death. Otherwise, you can lure him to the spike wall trap. Look for a button in a hole at the far end to open the gate. Once he is trapped, don't just ignore him or he might destroy the wall (and then you can't use it to crush the Rocky creatures as well... just for fun). Cast some Oh Ven spells to help the wall out.

Lower Level/Imp Area

Imp Spoiler: Make use of the two Scout Maps you have. Before you go down to face the Imp, activate the Scouts and trap the Imp (use the Ku button to locate him). Once he is trapped, go down and beat him up. To remedy the confusion of the WTA, look for the hidden room. There is another boulder in one of the walls covering up a button. Push it to open up a wall behind one of the imaginary walls to get a ring.

Archer Guard Area

That darn chest! Best way to get it down is to destroy the Archer Guards first. I've heard many times that you should take the Slayer arrows that they shoot at you so they can't use them again. Well, after fighting many of these, I have concluded that their Fist is stronger then their Bow. When they are all killed, get out your Scout Maps and get to work. Trap that chest and then blast it down. You can also use the room with the floor plates and fireball launchers to get the chest down, but that isn't the safest way. Don't bother touching or pulling everything in sight. In Cross Key room, use the Ros button to find the location of some Ra Sar items.

Ram Area

WTA basically got it right. There is a way to maneuver the tables out of the way without destroying a single one of them.

Teleporter Room

Use a Scout Minion to make your way around. You can trap the teleporters with Giant Torches, and Tables. If you want, send one of your Minions over the pressure pad surrounded by pits and throw an object to open the door. You will be able to retrieve your object, so throw anything (maybe not a bomb).

Reflector Room

Flip the switches so the room is like this.

/	\	\
 PITS  [ ]  PITS
\		/

Step on the pressure pad and when the Fire Ball has bounced off the first reflector, flip the middle switch twice.

WTA got the rest of the game explained fairly well so I'll include a tip or two about fighting Dragoth.

If you don't like attacking more evil Minions then you need to, pull a Giant Torch or Table to block off the entrance to the void (so you appear to be trapped in the void. This way you won't have to worry about any of Dragoth's Minions coming to attack you from Skullkeep. Guard Minions only work if Dragoth is three squares away (might only be two, I don't remember), so your best bet is to only cast them on the cloud that he is on. Your Attack Minions are good for taking care of Dragoth's Minions. When Dragoth gets weak, he will want to retreat to his part of the void where you can't enter. A good thing to do is to block his entrance with some high level Guard Minions. If you rushed through the entire game and are still weaklings at this point, some Scout Minions will work for a little while. Also cast a Carry Minion, Zo Ew Ros. It will follow you around and it will take some hits from Dragoth.

Special Item List

Jewel of Symal: + 6 Anti Magic
Mezmar: + 5 Dexterity
Moonstone: + 3 Mana
Rune Charm: + 10 Luck(?)
Suzerain: + 10 Mana
Bain Bloom: + 6 Mana
Combat Staff: + 20 Mana + 1 Fighter Level
Emerald Orb: + 30 Mana
Excsymyr: + 10 Mana
Numen Staff: + 40 Mana
Poison Dart: Causes poison in DM2
Rainbow Wand: + 10 Mana
Rogue Stave: + 13 Mana
Serpent Staff: + 10 Mana
Spiral Staff: + 15 Mana
Staff: + 5 Mana
Staff Of Neta: + 25 Mana
Cloak Of Night: + 10 Dexterity
Fire Greave: + 4 Anti Fire
Fire Helm: + 10 Anti Fire
Fire Plate: + 1 Fighter Level
Fire Plate (Bust): + 1 Fighter Level
Fire Poleyn: + 15 Strength
Ra Sar Helm: + 15 Dexterity
Ra Sar Plate: + 20 Mana
Shield Of Fire: + 10 Anti Fire
Tech Helm: + 15 Wisdom
Tech Plate: + 30 Anti Magic
Tech Shield: + 10 Anti Magic

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