How to play Atari ST games under Windows? (Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back)

What is an Atari ST? Check the Wikipedia article about Atari ST.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Download Dungeon Master for Atari ST or Chaos Strikes Back for Atari ST.
  2. Download this Atari ST emulator for Windows from its official web site: Steem
    On the Steem download page, you also need to download the USA versions of TOS 1.02 and 2.06.
  3. If you want to use PASTI disk images (STX files), you need to download the PASTI helper DLL from the official web site: Pasti - Atari ST Imaging & Preservation Tools and put it in the same folder as the Steem.
  4. Decompress Steem and the TOS images on your hard drive in the same folder.
  5. Decompress the game and put it in the same folder as Steem.
  6. Run Steem.
  7. The first time you run Steem you need to browse and select a TOS image. Select TOS version 1.02 (file named Tos102us.img).
  8. Once the main screen appears, click on the Disk Manager icon (in the top right corner), browse for the game you want to play and double-click on it.

Note for Chaos Strikes Back:

  • In the two non hacked versions, the Hint Oracle on the Utility disk does not work.

Notes for the hacked hard disk version of Chaos Strikes Back:

  • The utility disk (Make new adventure and Hint Oracle) only works with the first saved game (CSBGAME.DAT). If you want to use another file (CSBGAME2.DAT, etc...), you will have to rename it to CSBGAME.DAT.
  • You have to manually copy the file CSBGAME.DAT between the game disk and the utility disk. If you want to make a new adventure or edit portraits, put the file in the folder "CSB_UTIL". If you want to use the Hint Oracle, put the file at the root of the utility disk.
  • A text file on the utility disk says that the Hint Oracle does not work when the game is run from floppy disk. Paul R. Stevens ( found a way to make it work by copying two files to the root of the disk. But you will have an error message when exiting the Hint Oracle. Moreover, the portraits files have also been copied to the root of the disk so that they can be loaded properly in the portrait editor.
    If you put the game on hard disk, you won't need these files located at the root of the utility disk.