How to play Apple IIGS games under Windows? (Dungeon Master)

What is an Apple IIGS? Check the Wikipedia article about Apple IIGS.

With the KEGS emulator

Follow these instructions:

  1. Download Dungeon Master for Apple II GS.
  2. Download this Apple II GS emulator for Windows from its official web site: KEGS Apple IIGS emulator.
  3. Download the Apple II GS ROM 01 or ROM 03 (both work fine with Dungeon Master) from What is the Apple IIGS (look for links called "ROM01" and "ROM03" on that page).
  4. Decompress the archives of KEGS, the game and the ROM in the same folder on your hard drive.
  5. Run "kegswin.exe".
  6. If it is the first time you run the emulator, you will not have any disk image mounted in slot s7d1 (default startup slot) so KEGS will jump into the monitor.
    You need to change the startup slot to slot 5. Use the Apple IIgs Control Panel by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Esc simultaneously (on a real Apple IIGS you would press Ctrl-Command-Esc).
    Use the arrows and the enter keys to go to the "Control Panel" menu, then into "Slots". Select the "Startup Slot:" option and use the left and right arrow keys to select slot number 5. Press enter to save your changes then select "Quit", and "Quit" again.
  7. Press F4 to access the KEGS configuration panel. Go into the "Disk configuration" menu. Select slot S5D1 and press enter. Browse to the disk image of the game (like DungeonMasterAppleIIGS.2mg) and press enter to select the file. Select slot S5D2 and press enter. Browse to the disk image of the save game disk (like DungeonMasterAppleIIGSSavedisk.2mg) and press enter to select the file. Press F4 to exit the configuration panel.
    Note that this configuration is stored separately for each version of the ROM (ROM01 and ROM03). If you try both ROM versions then you must perform this configuration for each ROM version.
  8. Exit the emulator and run kegswin.exe again. The game should now boot in the emulator.
  9. Press F8 to capture / release the mouse pointer during emulation.

With an Online emulator

You can play online here: