How to play X68000 games under Windows? (Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back)

What is an X68000? Check the Wikipedia article about X68000.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Download Dungeon Master for X68000 or Chaos Strikes Back for X68000.
  2. Download Win68K (high speed version), an X68000 emulator for Windows.
  3. On the X68000 Emulators & System Files at the Japanese Computer Emulation Centre, download the X68000 CG and IPL ROM files found under the "X68000 system images" section.
  4. Decompress WinX68K, the game and the ROM in the same folder on your hard drive.
  5. Run "winx68k.exe".
  6. Insert the floppy disk image(s):
    • For dungeon Master, click on the menu "FDD1", and select the file "DungeonMasterX6800030Savedisk.hdm". Then click on the menu "FDD0", and select the file "DungeonMasterX6800030.hdm"
    • For Chaos Strikes Back, click on the menu "FDD0", and select the file "ChaosStrikesBackX68000.hdm"
  7. The game should now load. Press F12 to capture / release the mouse cursor during emulation.


  • If you have an error message when you run the emulator with the word "DirectDraw", you should use a 16 bit color depth for your Windows desktop before running the emulator (go to Control Panel / Display / Settings tab).