How to play Super NES / Super Famicom games under Windows? (Dungeon Master)

The Snes9x emulator can run Dungeon Master for Super NES / Super Famicom since version 1.40 (with previous versions, you could watch the introduction and listen to some music but the emulator would hang when you tried to start a new game). It was the first version to emulate the DSP-2 chip (Digital Signal Processor) included in the game cartridge. This DSP chip helps the Super NES / Super Famicom to handle more advanced 3D effects in mode 7 than it can handle normally.
Follow these instructions:

  1. Download Dungeon Master for Super NES / Super Famicom.
  2. Download this SNES emulator for Windows: Snes9x
  3. Uncompress Snes 9x and the game in the same folder on your hard disk.
  4. Run "snes9x.exe".
  5. Click on the menu "File / Load game...". Go to the folder where you uncompressed the game, select the .smc file you downloaded and click "Open ROM".
  6. The game should now load. Wait a few seconds on the first screen to see the Introduction.

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