How to play TurboGrafx / PC Engine games under Windows? (Theron's Quest)

Follow these instructions:

  1. Download Theron's Quest for TurboGrafx / PC Engine.
  2. Uncompress the archive and run "Decode.bat". It will uncompress the Ogg Vorbis audio files to standard .wav files.
  3. Download this PC Engine emulator for Windows: Ootake.
  4. Download the System Card 3.0 ROM image from GameTronik PC Engine page (scroll down to the "BIOS" section and download the PC Engine CD System Card Version 3).
  5. Install Ootake and uncompress the System Card 3.0 ROM somewhere on your hard disk.
  6. You have two ways to play the game: you can burn the CD image to a CD-R or CD-RW and play the game from your real CD-ROM drive, or you can use DAEMON Tools (recommended method), which is a CD-ROM emulator for Windows. This free utility will create a virtual CD-ROM drive in which you will be able to "insert" a CD image (many formats supported). Using this tool, you can try the game without having to burn a real CD.
  7. If you use Daemon Tools, when you mount an image select the .cue file, not the .iso file.
  8. Once you inserted the CD in your CD-ROM drive (either real or virtual), start Ootake from your Start Menu. Click the '"CD-ROM" Game' button on the first screen. An error message will be displayed because the System Card file is missing and you can then browse and select the file you uncompressed earlier.


  • Click anywhere in the emulated screen area to pause the emulator and display the menu.
  • If you have several CD-ROM drives, you must select the one where you inserted the CD in the 'CD-ROM' menu.
  • You cannot play this game with a mouse. In the Input menu, there is a 'Mouse' option, however Theron's Quest was not compatible with a mouse input device on the original console, only with a Pad.
  • With the emulator, you can use a real Pad connected to you PC or use your keyboard instead. In the 'Input' menu, select 'Configure Pad #1...' to change the keyboard keys you want to associate with the buttons on the original Pad.
    Original console pad buttons Default key in emulator Game Controls
    Direction keys Up/Down/Left/Right Arrows Cursor movement
    Run Return Switch between Dungeon and Information screens
    Select Tab
    Button I N Pick up / drop / throw items
    Button II Space bar Cancel. Hold this key while pressing a direction key for simplified movement in the dungeon.

    Please check page 5 of the TurboGrafx Manual (on Theron's Quest for TurboGrafx / PC Engine) to see how the original Pad is used by the game.

  • Backup RAM management: When the console starts (while on the "PC Engine SUPER CD-ROM² SYSTEM" screen, before running the game), press 'Select' to enter the "BACKUP RAM" tool where you can delete a saved file or format the backup RAM.

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