Dungeon Master II for PC v0.9 Beta


This beta version of Dungeon Master II for PC is an early PC port that was not released (except by a cracking group). It is very similar to the Amiga, Sega CD and PC-9801 versions. It features the same 16 colors graphics that were replaced by 256 colors graphics in the final PC version.
The file structure is very similar to the first Dungeon Master for PC and this version does not use extended memory as the final version.

In that beta version, the dungeon is not finalized. You can play normaly most of the outdoor levels. There are lots of missing creatures and all the keys are not present so fuzzydodge has patched some savegames with Gamewizard32 to move the party into other places (inside the castle or on the roof for example). The higher levels in the castle are not complete but there is a lot to see and explore.

There are some differences in gameplay with the released version: in the cave under the castle by the green "poison-gnom" you can slide down a waterfall, and there are two fire ovens you have to put at two holes at the wall to supply the engine which are not in the final version.

In this version, the graphics data file was split in two parts so that they fit on floppy disks. If you want to open the graphics data file with an editor like Dungeon Master II Graphics.dat Editor, you need first to create the complete file. This can be done with the following command line:
copy /b graphics.dat + graphic2.dat dm2pcb.dat


DMII-Game-PC-09Beta.rar DMII-Game-PC-09Beta.rar
Dungeon Master II for PC v0.9 Beta
[Supplied by fuzzydodge]
This version contains the game and several sets of saved games made to test and explore. There is also some hex information if you want to patch saved games.

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