Dungeon Converters (Little endian / Big endian)

As explained on the Technical Documentation - File Formats - Dungeon File (DUNGEON.DAT) page, some versions of Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back use dungeon files with little endian data while other versions use big endian data.
Here are some tools that can convert between the two formats. For example, these converters will allow you to use a PC dungeon with Chaos Strikes Back for Windows (which is based on the Atari ST version). This applies many of the custom dungeons.

Tool-BigLittle.rar Tool-BigLittle.rar: Little To Big Endian Dungeon Converter by Sphenx
This tool by Sphenx can convert a Dungeon Master for PC dungeon (Little Endian) to the Atari ST format compatible with CSBwin (Big Endian).
Tool-CVTcpp.rar Tool-CVTcpp.rar: Dungeon Converter C++ (Source code included)
This tool by Kentaro.k-21 is a rewrite of my DungeonConverter.vbs script in C++ language (Visual Studio 6 project). If required, checksum is automatically generated. It doesn't rely on checksum of original dungeon.dat.
This archive contains 4 executable files:
  • Win32/CVTbe.exe: converts dungeon.dat to big endian without checksum.
  • Win32/CVTbe_c.exe: converts dungeon.dat to big endian with checksum.
  • Win32/CVTle.exe: converts dungeon.dat to little endian without checksum.
  • Win32/CVTle_c.exe: converts dungeon.dat to little endian with checksum.
Tool-DungeonConverter.rar Tool-DungeonConverter.rar: Dungeon Converter VBScript
This Visual Basic script can convert dungeon files between little endian format (PC, Apple IIGS, SNES) and big endian format (Atari ST, Amiga, X68000, Macintosh, SegaCD).
The program automatically detects the input file format (little or big endian) and creates an output file in the other format.
Current limitations:
  • It does not manage compressed dungeons (used for the Chaos Strikes Back Prison on both Atari ST and Amiga, as well as in Dungeon Master for Amiga and Apple II GS).
  • It does not manage missiles and clouds (but no dungeon seem to include any of them)
  • It only works with dungeons, not with saved games. New dungeons that were supplied as dmsave.dat files will not be converted.
Tool-DungeonConverter_csharp.rar Tool-DungeonConverter_csharp.rar: Dungeon Converter C# (Source code included)
This tool by Kentaro.k-21 is rewrite of my DungeonConverter.vbs script in C# language, because my script does not work on Japanese windows. This program requires the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package.
Tool-UnCompressDungeon.rar Tool-UnCompressDungeon.rar: Dungeon UnCompress VBScript
This Visual Basic script can uncompress compressed dungeons (like the dungeon.dat prison in Chaos Strikes Back).
Although feasible, a compression tool is not necessary because the games can handle both compressed and uncompressed dungeons.

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