How to play Macintosh games under Windows? (Dungeon Master II)

What is a Macintosh? Check the Wikipedia article about Macintosh.

Note: the following procedure was tested with Windows XP SP2.

  1. Download Dungeon Master II for Macintosh.
  2. Download this Macintosh emulator for Windows: Basilisk II/JIT. The latest version available at the time of this writing is Do not use the regular (non JIT) Basilisk II emulator because it contains a bug that prevents you from opening doors in the game.
  3. Download the Macintosh ROM image called 'MAC 1MB ROM' (actually from a Performa 630) from the Apple section of the BIOS Images at The Old Computer Dot Com web page.
  4. Decompress the Basilisk II JIT emulator archive and the ROM image on your hard disk.
  5. In the folder where you decompressed Basilisk II JIT, open the CD-ROM drivers\NT4 and Win2k folder and copy the file cdenable.sys to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers.
    This device driver will allow you to use the CD drives of your PC inside the emulator. This is useful to play Macintosh games on CD. If you have a CD drive emulator like DAEMON Tools, you can use it to mount a Macintosh CD image and access it from the emulator without having to burn the image on CD first.
    Note: if you don't copy this device driver, Basilisk II JIT will display a message each time it starts.
  6. Download the SDL Library v1.2.11 for Win32. Extract the SDL.DLL file from the archive and put it in the folder where BasiliskII.exe resides in. If SDL.DLL is not in the same folder, you will get an error message when running BasiliskII.exe.
  7. Download and install Glade/GTK+ for Windows v2.10.11.
    Note: this component is not used by the emulator itself, but is required by the configuration program BasiliskIIGUI.exe, it . This program provides a graphical user interface to create hard disk volumes and to configure the emulator. You can also manually edit the configuration in the BasiliskII_prefs file if you prefer with any text editor like Notepad.
  8. Download the free Macintosh System 7.5.3 at Apple web site.
  9. Download the 'Mac emulation starter' available in the 'Installing the Mac OS' section of the Beginners' Guide to Emulating a Macintosh. Decompress the archive on your hard disk.
  10. Run BasiliskIIGUI.exe.
  11. In the volumes tab
    Click the Add... button. Browse and select the Starterdisk.hfv file.
    Click the Create... button. Browse to the location where you want to create your new Macintosh hard disk image, enter a size of 150 MB and the file name you want to use, then click OK.
    Check the Enable "My Computer" icon on your Mac desktop (external file system) check box.

    In the Graphics/Sound tab
    Select Dynamic for the Window Refresh Rate.
    Select 800 for the Width
    Select 600 for the height

    In the Memory/Misc tab
    Select 32 MB for the RAM size.
    Click the Browse... button and select the PERFORMA.ROM file.
    Check the Ignore Illegal Memory Access checkbox.

    Click the Start button.

  12. The emulator starts. Click OK for the CD driver notification warning. The minimal version of MacOS included in the starter disk should start.
    You should get a prompt to format the new 150 MB hard disk image you created. Choose a name for the disk, select the Macintosh format and click on the Initialize button. Then click the Continue button to confirm.
  13. Open the Starter Disk and the disk you just formatted.
    Select all files and folders from the Starter Disk and copy them to the newly formatted hard disk with drag and drop.
  14. Open My Computer (on the Macintosh desktop). Browse to the location of the System 7.5.3 files you downloaded. Select all the files and copy them to the newly formatted hard disk with drag and drop.
    If the game you want to play is stored in an archive (.sit or .hqx), then also copy it to the hard disk. If the game you want to play is on CD or supplied as a CD image, do not copy it to the hard disk. Instead insert the CD in the drive, or mount the CD image in your virtual CD drive.
  15. In the Special menu, select Shut Down to stop emulation.
  16. Run BasiliskIIGUI.exe.
  17. In the volumes tab
    Select the Starterdisk.hfv and click the Remove button.
    Select your CD-ROM drive in the list (you need to do this if you want to use a CD or a CD image inside the emulated Macintosh).
    Uncheck the Enable "My Computer" icon on your Mac desktop (external file system) check box.
    Click the Start button.
  18. The emulator starts. Click OK for the CD driver notification warning.
    Basilisk II Warning
    The CD-ROM driver file "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\cdenable.sys" is missing.
  19. You need to decompress the System 7.5.3 source files.
    Open the hard disk. Open 'Aladdin Expander 5.5 Installer' and perform the installation.
    Open the folder where you have the System 7.5.3 files. Drag and drop all the files of System 7.5.3 onto the StuffIt Expander icon on the desktop.
    Note: The System 7.5.3 is supplied as a multipart disk image. As soon as you decompress the first of the 19 files, the system will attempt to mount the disk image. This operation will fail with the following error message if you have not already decompressed all the other 18 parts: "The ShrinkWrap engine has reported an error. Error -43". For this reason I suggest that you first drag and drop files number 2 to 19, and only then drag and drop the first file. When the first file is decompressed, a new icon appears on the desktop called "Sys7.5 V7.5.3 CD Inst".
    Open the hard disk, and the 'System Folder' inside it. Drag and drop the "Finder" file into the trash on the desktop. Next, drag the entire 'System Folder' into the trash as well.
    Select the Trash. In the 'Special' menu, select 'Empty Trash...'.
  20. Open "Sys7.5 V7.5.3 CD Inst" on the desktop, and open the 'Installer' to start the System 7.5.3 setup.
  21. Click the 'Continue...' button.
    Click the 'Install' button.
    When installation is finished, click the 'Restart' button.

  22. In order to free some disk space, move the System 7.5.3 source files (both compressed and decompressed) to the Trash, and select 'Empty Trash...' in the 'Special' menu.
  23. Open your .sit or .hqx archive to decompress it.
    For Dungeon Master II Demo, the files are ready to use after decompression.
    For Dungeon Master II, you need to install the game using the icon added on the desktop after decompression: 'Install Dungeon Master II'
  24. Dungeon Master II requires QuickTime v2.1 And Sound Manager v3.1. The installer of the full game automatically installs these components, but they are not supplied with the demo.
    This will cause an error if you start the demo without installing these components first.
  25. You can delete the archives once installation is done to save disk space.