How to play Sega CD / Mega CD games under Windows? (Dungeon Master II)

What is a Sega CD / Mega CD? Check the Wikipedia article about Sega CD / Mega CD.

With the Gens emulator

Follow these instructions:

  1. Download the game: Dungeon Master II for Sega CD / Mega CD
  2. Download this Sega CD emulator for Windows: Gens.
  3. Download a Sega CD BIOS image. Go to BIOS Images at The Old Computer Dot Com to download the Sega Mega CD BIOS image file (American Sega CD model 2 BIOS Version 2.00, June 1993).
  4. Decompress the game (both the ISO and the MP3 files), the emulator, the BIOS image, and put them all in the same folder on your hard disk.
  5. Run GENS.EXE. Go to the "Options" menu, and click on "Directories/Files". In the "Configure SEGA CD bios files" section, click the "Change" button on the USA line, and select the file "US_SCD2_9306.BIN". Click "Save" and then "OK".
  6. In the "File" menu, click "Open ROM", select "Dungeon Master II - Skullkeep.iso" and click "Open".
  7. Check the "GENS.TXT" file for default control keys, or go to "Options/Joypads..." to redefine keys.

With an Online emulator

You can play online here: