Chaos Strikes Back Manual (Early French Translation)

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This manual is very interesting. It was translated to French based on a preliminary version of Chaos Strikes Back Manual when the game was still supposed to be an add-on for Dungeon Master and not yet a standalone game. Back at the time, Chaos Strikes Back only consisted of the Utility Disk that we know. There was no Game Disk: to play the game, you had to boot your original Dungeon Master disk and Resume from a saved game built by the Utility Disk.
This early version of the Utility Disk did not include the introduction animation sequence, had no Prison dungeon where you could select some new champions (you had to import a Dungeon Master saved game) and there was no menu. By default, it would boot into the Portrait Editor where you could change your champions' portraits and create the initial saved game: the "Make new adventure" button would build a saved game including the Chaos Strikes Back dungeon and the champions imported from a Dungeon Master saved game. Pressing SHIFT while booting the Utility Disk would bring up the Hint Oracle.

Chaos Strikes Back Manual (Early French Translation)
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[Scans supplied by Johnny Grasset]