How to play IBM PS/V games under Windows? (Dungeon Master II)

What is an IBM PS/V? It is an IBM PC compatible computer running the DOS/V operating system designed for the Japanese language. Check the Wikipedia article about DOS/V.

Dungeon Master II for IBM PS/V is copy protected and must be cracked before it can be played with the Dosbox emulator.

  1. Download Dungeon Master II for IBM PS/V (Both the game and the crack).
  2. Decompress the game in a folder on your hard drive, for example C:\DMIIPSV. Make sure your decompression utility creates the subfolders "Disk 1", "Disk 2" and "Disk 3". Decompress the crack in the "Disk 1" folder. Make sure you overwrite the original FIRE.EXE file.
  3. "Disk 2" and "Disk 3" folders both contain a "DATA" subfolder. Move both "DATA" folders into the "Disk 1" folder.
  4. The "DATA" folder now contains two files "GRAPH1.DAT" and "GRAPH2.DAT" that must be joined as a single "GRAPHICS.DAT" file.
    Open a Command Prompt window (in the Start menu, select Execute and type 'cmd')
  5. Go to the "Disk 1\DATA" folder using the CD command ("cd C:\DMIIPSV\Disk 1\DATA" for example)
  6. Type the following command: "copy /b GRAPH1.DAT + GRAPH2.DAT GRAPHICS.DAT"
  7. Close the Command Prompt window.
  8. If the operation was successful, you should see a new file called GRAPHICS.DAT which size is equal to the total size of both "GRAPH1.DAT" and GRAPH2.DAT. Delete the two files "GRAPH1.DAT" and "GRAPH2.DAT".
  9. Download and install DOSBox.
  10. Dungeon Master II for IBM PS/V requires EMS memory. This is enabled by default in Dosbox 0.74.
    In order to enable EMS support in Dosbox, open the configuration file dosbox.conf in a text editor and make sure that the following value is set:

    If EMS is not enabled, then the game will display this message: "SYSTEM ERROR 49".
  11. Run Dosbox using the shortcut installed in your Start Menu. The Dosbox window is very similar to a DOS command prompt, you can enter most DOS commands.
  12. If you have decompressed all the files in the folder "C:\DMIIPSV", then type the following command: "MOUNT C "C:\DMIIPSV\Disk 1"" and press enter. This will create a C: drive inside the emulator that will have the same content as you real C:\DMIIPSV folder.
  13. Type "C:" and press enter. Then type "DMJ" and press enter to run the game.


  • If the game displays this message: "SYSTEM ERROR 41", it means it canno find the GRAPHICS.DAT file. This file must be located under the DATA folder. Make sure the file is there and that you aren't use any folder names too long or with special characters (8 characters maximum under DOS).