Version checker dungeon

Starting with version 2.0 of the game engine of both Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back, FTL has included a sensor (type 9 on a floor tile) to check the version of the game engine.
Meynaf created a custom dungeon using this sensor to detect the version of the game. The dungeon is pretty simple: just walk in the corridor until you find a scroll on the floor. The game version will be written on the scroll.
For pre 2.0 versions, the scroll will not tell the exact version because the sensor does not work.
The dungeon also recognizes Dungeon Master II but does not display the version number. However all known versions of Dungeon Master II have version number 1.0.

This version checker dungeon has been tested successfully at least on the following platforms:

  • Dungeon Master for PC 3.4
  • CSBwin (v9.8)
  • Chaos Strikes Back for Amiga 3.1
  • Chaos Strikes Back 'Meynaf version' 3.3
  • Dungeon Master for Apple IIGS 2.0

and it fails with the following platforms:

Tool~Version_Checker_Dungeon~Data.rar Tool~Version_Checker_Dungeon~Data.rar
The dungeon in big endian and little endian format. You need to use the appropriate endian depending on the game version you want to play.