How can I extract files from floppy disk or CD-ROM images under Windows?

Here are the possibilities:

  • You can use a Windows program that can read/write the disk image format. However there is not a tool for each disk image format. Here are some tools that can manipulate disk images in order to extract and inject files (the list is not exhaustive):
    • ADF Amiga disk images: ADFView shell extension. This tool integrates directly into Windows Explorer.
    • ST and MSA Atari ST disk images: MSA Converter
    • 2MG Apple IIGS disk images: Cider Press or Fishwings
    • DSK Macintosh hard disk image: HFVExplorer
    • BIN FM-Towns disk images, FDI PC-98 disk images, HDM and XDF X68000 disk images: DiskExplorer
      For XDF X68000 disk images, you can also use WinXDF. This tool allows you to inject a file in an XDF disk image only if a file with the same name does not already exist in the image. As a workaround, you can use a hexadecimal editor to rename the file in the disk image.
    • IMA PC disk images: WinImage
  • There are some programs that allow only file extraction but not file injection:
  • Use an emulator and configure a virtual hard drive inside emulation. This virtual hard drive will in fact map to a folder on your real PC hard drive. In this way, copying files from a floppy disk to a hard drive inside the emulator will put the files directly in your PC hard drive.
    This method will work for all disk image formats supported by the emulator.
    This method works fine for Amiga disk images with WinUAE, including for IPF (Software Preservation Society (SPS, ex CAPS)) disk images. You need to use the 'Add Directory' command and not 'Add Hardfile' (that would use a hard disk image file which is just what you don't want). However you need a working Amiga OS installation to boot from the hard drive and a file manager program to perform the copy.
    It will also work for Atari ST disk images with Steem, including for STX (Pasti - Atari ST Imaging & Preservation Tools) and STT (Steem) disk images. Configure a hard drive in the Disk Manager window and only insert your floppy disk image in the drive after the emulator has booted to the GEM graphical user interface. Then you can open the floppy and hard drive and copy files using drag and drop.

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