CSBGraffer is a tool by kentaro-k.21 to manipulate csbgraphics.dat files. This file is used by recent versions of CSBwin to store custom graphics and sounds. The main features include:

  • A load/save for CSBgraphics.dat
  • An import/export feature for internal entries in CSBgraphics.dat.
  • An intelligent import/export feature for WAV sound file.
  • A drag and drop support to import/export for internal entries.
  • A clipboard support to import/export for internal entries.

Note that currently no compression (LZW) is performed.


Tool~CSBGraffer~PC~Version_Rev0~Software.rar Tool~CSBGraffer~PC~Version_Rev0~Software.rar
This archive contains the program.
Tool~SmellTools~PC~Version_Rev1~Software.rar Tool~SmellTools~PC~Version_Rev1~Software.rar
This archive includes tools and instructions to facilitate the use of the Custom Graphics Engine included in CSBwin, which allows for the complete customization of the dungeon graphics.