Graphics and Sounds for Dungeon Master Java by Spud Thorley

You can download here some additional graphics and sounds that can be used with Dungeon Master Java. They were posted by Spud Thorley (


  • The green maps were my first atempt at a wall set and are a little off.
  • The grey maps are more of an improvement but still need some work.
  • The last ones I did were from the original graphics but with added colour and texture.
  • No altar animation has yet been done. Just the walls so far.....
  • The monters were ripped from Neverwinter Nights. Models from NWN were ripped from the model viewer via screen capture then edited by Adobe Photoshop 7.
  • Also extracted some stuff from DM2....mons, doors deko.....

Please feel free to rework and edit anything you like.

Clone-DungeonMasterJava-Stuff1.rar Clone-DungeonMasterJava-Stuff1.rar
Decorations (bookcase, statue, table), Doors (from Dungeon Master II), Monsters with graphics and sounds (1demon, Beast, Beetle, Direcat, Hellhound, Helm doom, Kuotoa, Morag, RedDragon, Rockpile Mutant, Sabre Toothed Tiger, Slaad, Thorn Demon from Dungeon Master II), Items (books, gems, scroll), Sounds (water, wind, fountain).
Clone-DungeonMasterJava-Stuff2.rar Clone-DungeonMasterJava-Stuff2.rar
Two sets of walls (both green).
Clone-DungeonMasterJava-Stuff3.rar Clone-DungeonMasterJava-Stuff3.rar
Two sets of walls (grey and blue).

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