FTL answer to a user email about Amiga versions of DM, CSB and DMII (February 1995)

From: IN%"" "Luis Morales" 23-FEB-1995 14:54:11.83
We have a DM Amiga Upgrade disk which works with Workbench 2.1 and earlier. It is a multi language version (English, French, German) and for you costs only $10. Send us a letter requesting the DM Amiga upgrade disk along with $10 (check or money order) to FTL Games, 6160 Lusk Blvd Ste C-102, San Diego CA 92121, or call us with a Visa or Mastercard #. No new upgrades will be made for the Amiga for this game, but I'm told it should run on kickstart 3.0 and 3.1 as well. CHAOS STRIKES BACK will not work on the 3.x DOS (Sorry). Some users on the Internet have been talking about a patch program to make it work, though (that's all I know about it). You can buy a DM/Chaos twin pack (Amiga and Atari only) for just $30, which includes tax & shipping. Hintbooks sell for $15 each. Send check or money order (no cash) to FTL Games, 6160 Lusk Blvd ste C-102, San Diego CA 92121, or call us at (619) 453-5711, fax us at (619) 453-5716, or Email us with a Visa or MC number & expiration date.

HOWEVER, we wrote a NEW DM game: DMII, The Legend Of Skullkeep. INTERPLAY will be distributing it in the US for the Amiga, Mac and PC @ 256 colors. The basic structure is that the Castle, Skullkeep, houses what remains of an ancient machine constructed in a previous age by a council of Wizards experimenting with a powerful new form of magick that when properly focused, could open a gateway into another dimensional plane. The Mages were successful in constucting their ZO-Link machine, and with it were able to harness the power of the new magick to open the way into other worlds, vastly different from their own. They named the doorway between the worlds THE VOID, a desolate, empty space through which they must travel to find a path to a new planet to explore. But soon after they had begun their explorations, the Wizards mysteriously dismantled their machine and sought to prevent the inhabitants of their own world from ever learning of its existence. --So basically, the game takes place years and years later, where the minions of an evil General from beyond the Void are entering your world as their other-worldly General plans the final stages of an attack by which he'll devastate your planet and enslave its people. The General, called Dragoth, would never have known of your planet's existence had the council of Wizards not built their infernal ZO-Link machine and stumbled onto this world! So now you must hurry to gain entrance to castle Skullkeep and rebuild the ZO-Link machine and enter the Void so you can defeat Dragoth there before he has time to get to you! It's really a fun game. Also, it is a bitmapped game, not texture mapped. It generates its scenes in real-time, so there aren't any canned video sequences except for animations such as what you'll see when you win the game etc. Your best bet is to call INTERPLAY at (714) 553-6655 of fax them at (714) 252-2820. We wrote the code for DM2 but licensed the whole thing out to them; it's in their hands now. All I can tell you is it will probably NOT be on a CD ROM (the other versions will be), may or may not be 256 color, will Multitask, and will require an '020 processor or greater. Now you know everything I know about it.

:-) Lou Morales (-: