Dungeon Master Nexus Screenshots

No Turning Back!:

Over the Bridge....

Under the bridge....


Step inside, take a ride:


Hmmm... very Indiana Jones. Something of equal weight perhaps?:

None shall pass:

This fountain accepts one wish:

Rock pile:

Rock pile attacks -- watch those poison tentacles:

I don't think this guy is simply resting....

Ninja Trolin on the prowl:


Multiple levels:

Prepare to meet your doom:

Indiana Jones again... or perhaps Sinbad?

Magenta Worm...

What awful breath you have!:

Mummy worm down in the dark depths:

Inventory, everyone's asleep:

Inventory, two sleep and one keeps guard:

This is my prisoner, let him suffer:


Giant Scorpion:


Dinosaur! Very Tomb Raider.....:

More 3D architecture:

Stone Gloem -- that club smashes the ground and launches fireballs!


Ghost of Death:

Swamp Slime:

Animated Armour:

These poor lost souls want feeding....:

Lord Chaos, first visit....

Baby dragon.....

....and Mummy Dragon!

Baby Dragons -- if you kill these they cry out and wake mummy dragon

The door to mummy dragon

Mummy dragon is asleep -- won't do anything until you attack

Bridge to the next level

Gigglers! Very slow, but very fast once they've grabbed your stuff, and they take loads of it!

No idea what this is, but he gave me a mirror to solve a puzzle

Paint rat -- looks like Mickey Mouse to me

Some statue thing

Same statue, the floor below -- it goes through three floors but why would anyone build a statue you can't see all at once?

Level 12 - Deth Knights. Good at parrying, double attacks.

Level 12 - Oitus and Knights

Purely for decoration - thought it might be a trap

Cowards will be hunted down and killed...


Dead hellhound

Paralysed hellhound -- now my way is blocked!

Another stony faced hellhound

That's one way to make a poison shooter

Nothing better to do than hang around...

Some odd statue

Last Knight

Zombie Dragon

Zombie Dragon

Lord Chaos - nice jumpsuit!

About to launch a spell

Running away! Wimp.