Dungeon Master Builder v0.87 for PC

Dungeon Master Builder is a dungeon editor for the PC version of Dungeon Master and Dungeon Master 2 (other versions may be compatible in a future release). It was developed by Sphenx. It has many features not found in any other tool, like the ability to create dungeons with up to 63 levels, choose the number and types of creatures and ornates on each level, create an arbitrary number of objects (doors, items, teleporters), and more!
This tool was previously known as "DMEdit" and was available in the Miscellaneous Files Upload forum.
You can report bugs and make suggestions on the Cowsmanaut's Dungeon Master Forums.

Dungeon Master Builder v0.87 for PC - CSB dungeon Dungeon Master Builder v0.87 for PC - DM2 dungeon

Beowuuf posted the following table to the forum for use with DMBuilder to get wall triggers to work. Set the trigger to 'activate by item', scroll to the object referenced, then change the wall object back to 'trigger'. The list of combinations for activation extends beyond this for all possible combinations (for example there is an 'activated by open on all face', etc to make a total of sixteen sets).

Face state
All close activated Open on North face, close rest Open on east, close on rest Open N/E, close S/W
0000 Flamitt (2) Scroll (1) Mace order Teowand
0001 Torch (4) Staff claws (3) Samuri sword Slayer
0010 Jewel symal (2) Fury (2) Inquisitor Throwing star
0011 Compass (4) Storm ring (1) Falchion Stone club
0100 Illuminet (2) Firestaff+ Club Staff manar
0101 Torch (2) Staff claws (1) Diamond edge Rock
0110 Waterskin (2) Bolt blade (2) Hardcleave Staff
0111 Compass (2) Eye of time (1) Rapier Crossbow
1000 Flamitt (1) Scroll (2) Mace Yew staff
1001 Torch (3) Bolt blade (1) Sabre Sling
1010 Jewel symal (1) Firestaff Vorpal blade Stick
1011 Compass (3) Strom ring (2) Dagger Bow
1100 Illuminett (1) Firestaff+ ??? Morningstar Snake staff
1101 Torch (1) Staff claws (2) Delta Poison dart
1110 Waterskin (1) Fury (1) Axe Wand
1111 Compass (1) Eue of time (2) Sword Arrow
Tool~Dungeon_Master_Builder~PC~Version_087~Software.7z Tool~Dungeon_Master_Builder~PC~Version_087~Software.7z
This archive contains the Dungeon Master Builder program. It contains both version 0.87 and the previous version 0.85mu.