ADGE stands for "Atari Dungeonmaster Graphics.dat Editor"
This tool developed by rain` is designed to read and edit graphics.dat files from Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back for Atari ST (the ones used by CSBwin).
Note: this tool was superseded by

This tool can change graphics and adjust most values of the RAW items 558-562, including:

  • item properties
  • attacks properties
  • creature properties
  • graphics sizes and coordinates
  • spells properties

Main window
Floor item graphic info
Graphic editor


Tool~ADGE~PC~Version_04b~Software.rar Tool~ADGE~PC~Version_04b~Software.rar
ADGE version 0.4b (including source code)


About the 'Door editor', the ADGE readme says: "Non-materials cannot pass: Any monster that is nonmaterial cannot pass through this door."
This flag name and definition is incorrect, because every non material creature can always pass through every door.
In fact this flag determines whether creatures can see the party through the closed door, in order to open the door or cast a spell. For example, if this flag is disabled for a grate door, you will be able to see creatures through the door but they won't.

There are some mistakes in the Monster Editor dialog box. Here are the corrections:
ADGE Monster Editor Corrections
[Supplied by Adamo]

In the Monster Graphic Info dialog box, the side and back graphics are swapped.
ADGE Monster Graphic Info Corrections
[Supplied by Zoom]